Principles of report writing

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  • 1.Principles ofreport writing Creating Paginated Reports with Report Builder 3.0
  • 2.Hello! I am Matt Patterson IT Director/Pastoral Care Rocky Mountain Calvary Colorado Springs, CO
  • 3.Session Purpose The basic elements of a report Applications used to create/manage reports Report Deployment to MP Demo: Create a simple report and make it available within MP
  • 4.Reporting Elements Understanding the Basic Concepts of a Report
  • 5.What is a report? A report is a one or more datasets formatted to share as a printed document or a PDF file
  • 6.Three Necessary Elements to Create a Report What? What tables? What rows? What columns? Dataset Where? Machine name Database Name Authentication Data Source How? Presentation Layout Text/graphs Report Objects/ Layout
  • 7.Data Source - Where’s the Data? Machine Name: MP Server Name Database: MP Database Name Authentication: SQL Server login
  • 8.Data Source Connection Properties
  • 9.Dataset – What Data Do You Want? The set of data to be displayed in your report. MUST be created as a stored procedure (SP) with three parameters Domain GUID User GUID Page ID Assign prefixes to SP names RMC_report_Staff_Phone_Schedule
  • 10.What the Heck is T-SQL or a Stored Procedure? T-SQL (Transact-Structured Query Language) SELECT = Read, INSERT = Add, UPDATE = Change, DELETE = Remove A Stored Procedure = Complied and saved T-SQL code.
  • 11.Place your screenshot here Stored Procedure Example
  • 12.
  • 13.Report Authoring and Management SQL Server Reporting Services & Report Builder 3.0
  • 14.Report authoring tools Visual Studio & Report Builder
  • 15.Place your screenshot here Report Builder 3.0 Notice the “Office” like interface
  • 16.Sql Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Web application used to store and manage report files
  • 17.Place your screenshot here SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) The version of SSRS installed with SQL Server 2012 Default path: http://[Computer_Name]/reports
  • 18.Deploying Your Report Using the System Setup area in MP
  • 19.Deploying Reports in MP Create Report Object In MP Assign User Permissoins In MP Assign Your Report To a MP Page Reports are configured in the System Setup and Administration sections in MP
  • 20.Place your screenshot here Create Report Object and Assign to Page
  • 21.Place your screenshot here Assign User Permissions
  • 22.Demonstration Let’s Do This!
  • 23.Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at: Presentation Resources