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  • 1.Fish, Streams, and Rock n Roll
  • 2.13 Watersheds 2,115 miles of streams, ranging from elevation 874ft to 6,643ft.. A few are closed due to Brook trout restoration or water supply.
  • 3.67 species of fish in 1957 Ex. Silverside, minnows, perch, suckers, topminnows, lampreys, sunfish, bream, sunperch, shad, sculpins, bullhead catfish, temperate bass, livebearers, drum, trout. (
  • 4.3 Trout 1. Brook-only native trout, once present in most streams above 2000ft. Virtually eliminated by logging and competition from rainbow and brown trout.
  • 5.Brook Restoration is in progress and certain streams are being made Brook Trout only streams. Protection has been relaxed recently.
  • 6.Brook trout
  • 7.Rainbow and Brown Trout 2-3. Introduced from the western U.S and Germany to take the place of dwindling Brook populations. Much hardier species. (competition)
  • 8.Rainbow
  • 9.Brown Trout
  • 10.Threats to fish 1. Acid precipitation 2. Exotic species 3. Global warming 4. Changes in terrestrial biomes
  • 11.Fishing Regulations Valid TN/NC fishing license, yr round daily, limit: comb. Of 5 rainbow/brown/brook trout ,7 inch minimum.
  • 12.Reg. 1 hand held rod, artificial lures only, single hook, some streams are closed.
  • 13.Types of angling 1. Fly Rod-dry, wet flies
  • 14.Types 2. Ultralight spinning (2-6lb), spinners, spoons
  • 15.Book Resources 1
  • 16.Resources 2