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  • 1.7 Video Game Characters to Cosplay Next Halloween Cosplay and video games have one thing in common— they turn you into someone else for a moment. While video games offer a compelling, interactive experience with storylines and virtual reality, cosplay generates the same fun in a more practical way. The video game industry has seen remarkable advancement in recent years as new technologies and ideas are constantly making their way into games. With cutting-edge visual effects, video games are no longer just a form of entertainment, they are introducing brand new universes and characters with complex storylines that not only help users relax, but can also enhance skills like problem-solving, creative thinking, and coordination. The cosplay industry is also ever growing, and with massive advancement in the technology of props, wigs, and costumes. It’s easier than ever to mimic the look of any character. Both industries harness huge fan bases, and they often intersect as video games have some of the most desirable character designs in cosplay. Read on for our top 7 video game characters to cosplay! 1. Mario from Super Mario Don’t call yourself a video game veteran if you’re not a fan of this fictional plumber! Set in the fictional Mushroom Kingdom, Super Mario is not just about running and jumping, it’s about saving the day. This nostalgic character never strays from his red and blue color scheme, making him an easy yet recognizable cosplay option. Remember, you can always improvise and add a touch of creativity to really stand out! https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/mens-red-plumber-costume-hc-036 2. Pikachu from Pokemon This classic video game character was created in 1996 by Nintendo and has since become one of the most recognizable fictional creatures. This mouse-like Pokemon has gone above and beyond its video game universe, starring in countless movies and TV adaptions. This electricityconducting character is known for its bright yellow color, pointy ears, lighting bolt tail, and fire red cheeks! There’s countless ways to mimic this character, from easy options like a yellow T-shirt to going all out with a body suit, or even by rocking a golden blonde wig with ears! https://www.halloweenpartvonline.com/products/wig-for-cosplav-pokemon-pichu-hw-1495 3. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Even if you’re not a die-hard video game lover, you may have heard of Lara Croft thanks to her live-action movies in which she’s played by Angelina Jolie. This fictional British archaeologist character risks her life to uncover hidden gems and has had some controversial outfits for her line of work. has a very unconventional outfit for her line of work. never disappoints you as it
  • 2.expresses your fandom and brings out your inner Lara Croft. You can always have a little adventure of your own in the upcoming Halloween or any cosplay convention. https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/hc-341 4. Luigi from Super Mario Fraternal twin and sidekick of Mario, Luigi is a great option for any costume party, especially if you’re looking for a group getup with your bros. His green and blue outfit is extremely recognizable, and paired with a Mario, these characters can be the cutest couple’s costume. Brush off your Italian accent and bring back this nostalgic character! https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/mens-green-plumber-costume-hc-035 5. Sonic the Hedgehog This Japanese game franchise played a pivotal role in making its mother company one of the leading video games companies in the 90s. Sonic the Hedgehog is hugely popular amongst gamers - so popular that it even garnered its own movie adaptation! Cosplaying this ultra-fast magical hedgehog is a great cosplay idea for Halloween or conventions. If you’re ready to fully commit, check out this costume that will cover you in blue fur from head to toe! https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/furry-sonic-the-hedgehog-mens-white-and- blue-straight-long-furrv-hedghog-cosplav-costume-1 6. Evelyn from Cyberpunk Cyberpunk is undoubtedly one of the best games from the dystopian science fiction genre. If you are a fan of this game, you are no stranger to Evelyn Parker, an intelligent and ambitious woman with dreams of becoming an actress. She is dubbed as a beautiful enigma with a good sense of humor. Her distinctive blue bob hairstyle offers great cosplay potential that will ensure you stand out. https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/adult-womens-11-inch-medium-length- halloween-video-game-blue-evelyn-bob-punk-costume-wig-synthetic-soft-fiber-hair-perfect-for- your-next-festival-and-group-anime-party-hpo 7. Ezreal from League of Legends The League of Legends franchise has a lot of exciting characters, but Ezreal in particular emits a unique sense of sophistication. He’s a renowned tech-loving archaeologist with a distinctive blonde hairstyle that sometimes reflects the blue light of his powers. Thanks to the awesome collection of costumes and wigs on the market, you can cosplay this ultimate trouble summoner at your next Halloween or cosplay party with ease. https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/hm-1104
  • 3.Video game characters often come with unique and complex hairstyles, so finding the perfect wig can be crucial for perfecting a cosplay withour torturing your own hair. Luckily there are tons of wig options to choose from across the market! A good cosplay wig is made with high-quality synthetic fibers and adjustable capless caps to help accommodate a wide variety of people. Have fun experimenting with your next cosplay!