Research Scholarship, Hongwei Xin Dean, AgResearch hxin2@ 865-974-7105

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  • 1.Research Scholarship Hongwei Xin Dean, AgResearch 865-974-7105 UTIA P&T Workshop April 29, 2019
  • 2.Research Excellence Outputs Refereed articles in premier journals of the field or books Patents/commercial licensing Mentoring of grad students/postdocs (pubs from theses) Attracting top-notch graduate students Extramural funding as lead PI and collaborator Research expenditures Impacts The “so-what” test advancement of basic scientific knowledge influence on or foundation for policy-making or development of standards technological breakthrough citations (e.g., H-index) economic impact
  • 3.Research Excellence National and International Prominence Awards and honors (e.g., fellows, top research awards, NAS/NAE/NAM) Scientific advisory boards/committees, national taskforces Member/manager of fed-agency proposal review panels Invited talks at national/int’l conferences (esp. keynotes) Collegiality and Good Citizen of Institution Committees/leadership roles in institution and/or professional societies/orgs Co-PI or collaborator on research proposals and graduate committees Courteous/respectful to fellow colleagues
  • 4.Research Excellence Trajectory and sustainability Trend of continued growth Sustained productivity Achievements since last promotion External evaluations/Letters Peer or aspirational institutions Leading experts in the field Full or distinguished professors
  • 5.Questions? Hongwei Xin 103 Morgan Hall 865-974-7105