When Does Flaking Paint Repair on Oil Paintings Manifest?


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  • 1.When Does Flaking Paint Repair on Oil Paintings Manifest?
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  • 3.Any serious art collector will understand the importance of flaking paint repair on oil paintings. Vintage additions to a collection, especially those created by the Old Masters, will eventually start to display warning signs of age. When paint starts to rise and flake from the surface of a canvas, the value of art – as well as the aesthetic splendour of the piece – experiences a sharp decline. If you have invested in work from one of the great artists in history, it’s likely that the canvas will already have been treated for flaking paint repair. Oil paintings require near-constant maintenance, and any private collector or gallery will take the steps required to prevent damage from manifesting and causing permanent harm to the piece. Upon taking ownership of art, the responsibility of this upkeep falls upon your shoulders. This raises a potentially interesting question. When will flaking paint repair on oil paintings become necessary? There is no hard and fast rule that suggests that all art needs attention once it reaches a particular age, as a range of factors will influence the condition of a collection. It’s also best not to wait until any damage is visible before taking action. In the world of art preservation and maintenance, prevention will always be preferable to cure, and regular assessment will minimise the risk of long-term damage. Staving off the threat of flaking paint also involves appropriate storage of artwork. If you are fortunate enough to keep oil paintings in your home, maintain an appropriate temperature and humidity level, avoid contact with external elements – most notably smoke – and only clean with specialist materials.
  • 4.If you do notice that flaking paint repair on an oil painting is required, it’s best to seek the services of a professional art restorer. The road to hell is paved with the good intentions of art collectors that turned to YouTube in an attempt to perform DIY surgery on their treasured work. The Simon Gillespie gallery in London, found on New Bond Street, should be your first port of call for a full assessment. The process of flaking paint repair on an oil painting is a lengthy one, but any task worth conducting is worth doing well. A professional will conduct a full review of the art, determining the extent of the damage. Based on this assessment, an experienced art restorer will explain how the repair process will unfold. In minor cases of paint flaking, the art can be treated with a solution of beeswax and damar resin that will reattach the paint to the canvas. This may not be a permanent solution, but it’s the most cost-effective way to create an immediate resolution. If the flaking paint on an oil painting is serious, the repair will still be possible – it will just take longer. An art restorer will discuss your options, which will include applying new paint over that which has become damaged. Do not fret, as this will not devalue the art. In fact, it will likely help counter the reduction in value associated with flaking paint on an oil painting.
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