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  • 2.If you’re looking to improve your muscle cars performance with increased horsepower and added reliability, you have probably started looking into superchargers. The Whipple Supercharger is one of the most trusted and advanced in the auto world. We have a collection of Whipple Supercharger kits that are made specifically with Mustangs in mind. The family-owned company puts together their kits in Fresno, California, making all of the parts in-house. There’s a focus on consistency and quality, aiming to create a powerful and exciting experience for every customer — including Mustang enthusiasts of course. ABOUT WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGERS Whipple Superchargers has become one of the most iconic names in drag racing. The company was started by a drag racer in the 1980s and the family has continued to have a passion for racing performance and street cars.
  • 3.If you’re looking to enjoy your ride, whether you’re drag racing or simply heading to work, Whipple Superchargers is a brand that can’t be ignored. That’s why we carry a wide selection of Whipple Supercharger kits, supporting family-owned, US-based businesses that care about quality over quantity. The amount of horsepower depends on a variety of factors, ranging from the kit you choose as well as your engine, fuel system, and exhaust, etc. You can expect an added 300 HP at least, but you can produce over 1200 HP when you have all the right elements and additions. 6 WAYS THE WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER IMPROVES YOUR MUSTANG SUPERCHARGE YOUR MUSTANG FOR UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE Are you looking to take your Mustang's performance to the next level? Adding a Whipple Supercharger can do just that! With its advanced technology and engineering, a Whipple Supercharger is designed to deliver unparalleled performance gains, making it a popular choice among Mustang enthusiasts.
  • 4.EXPERIENCE UNMATCHED ACCELERATION AND SPEED One of the key benefits of adding a Whipple Supercharger to your Mustang is the improved acceleration and speed it can provide. The increased horsepower and torque generated by the supercharger can result in lightning-fast acceleration and blistering top speeds, giving you a thrilling and exhilarating driving experience. ACHIEVE SUPERIOR TOWING AND HAULING CAPABILITY In addition to improving your Mustang's performance on the road and track, a Whipple Supercharger can also enhance its towing and hauling capability. The increased horsepower and torque can provide your Mustang with the extra power needed to tow heavy trailers or haul heavy loads, making it a practical choice for those who require their Mustang for towing or hauling purposes. If you're a performance enthusiast who loves hitting the track, a Whipple Supercharger can be a game-changer for your Mustang. The added power and torque can give you a significant edge on the track, allowing you to outperform your competitors and set new personal records.
  • 5.RELIABLE AND EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE One of the reasons why the Whipple Supercharger is highly regarded among Mustang enthusiasts is its reliability and efficiency. The Whipple Supercharger is engineered to deliver consistent and dependable performance, ensuring that your Mustang runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come. EASY INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE Installing a Whipple Supercharger on your Mustang is a straightforward process, thanks to its user-friendly design and comprehensive installation instructions. Once installed, the Whipple Supercharger requires minimal maintenance, making it a hassle-free choice for Mustang owners who want to maximize their performance gains without spending excessive time on maintenance. Additionally, the Whipple supercharger is designed to be compatible with your Mustang's existing components, minimizing the need for extensive modifications or upgrades. UPGRADE YOUR MUSTANG WITH STYLE In addition to its impressive performance gains, the Whipple Supercharger also adds a touch of style to your Mustang. With its sleek and aggressive appearance, it enhances the visual appeal of your Mustang, giving it a distinctive and head-turning look that sets it apart from the crowd.
  • 6.HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER FOR YOUR MUSTANG At Beefcake Racing, we have a huge collection of Whipple Supercharger kits to choose from. This includes options like the popular 3.0L and 3.8L GEN 5 Whipple Supercharger kits. Here is how to pick the right one for your car. Consider Compatibility: Ensure that the supercharger you choose is compatible with your specific Mustang model and engine configuration. Some superchargers are designed for specific engine types, so make sure it will fit and function properly with your Mustang's engine. Define Your Performance Goals: Before selecting a supercharger, determine your performance goals. Are you looking for maximum horsepower gains, improved torque, better acceleration, or enhanced top speed? Understanding your performance goals will help you select a supercharger that aligns with your desired outcomes. Evaluate Installation Requirements: Supercharger installations can range from simple bolt-on upgrades to more complex modifications. Consider your level of mechanical expertise and the tools required for installation. If you are not confident in your abilities, it may be best to seek professional installation.
  • 7.Review Quality and Durability: Look for superchargers that are made from high-quality materials, such as billet aluminum, and feature precision engineering for optimal performance and durability. Check for certifications, quality control measures, and warranty coverage to ensure that you are getting a reliable and durable product. Seek Professional Advice: If you are unsure about which supercharger to choose, ask us! We love to offer our expertk advice to car enthusiasts that need an extra boost. Contact our customer service to find out which Whipple Supercharger is right for your Mustang.
  • 8.Beefcake Racing Contact Us Email: sales@beefcakeracing.com Website: www.beefcakeracing.com Phone: 855-827-7223 Add: 1783 E Ohio Pike Suite 106, Amelia, OH 45102, United States