Fast Casters – Project Update April 27, 2006 - MIT

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  • 1.Fast Casters – Project UpdateApril 27, 2006 Rene Chen Byron Hsu Kimberly Kam Kelsey Vandermeulen Lisa Witmer
  • 2.Update In-depth SEM analysis Wettability tests More tests to come New formulations
  • 3.SEM Analysis Polymer wetting problem? Polymer deficiency?
  • 4.SEM Analysis
  • 5.Wetting – What is it? Wetting refers to the contact between a fluid and a surface… If the surface is high energy, covering it with liquid will lower total system energy *wikipedia
  • 6. interfacial energy equilibrium between the three phases. Young’s equation: Contact Angle
  • 7.Wetting – Test Method 1: Hotplate
  • 8.Wetting – Test Method 2: Furnace Heating 100C 150C 200C
  • 9.Next Steps – Chloroform Wetting Furnace tests Gave different data for different temperatures Chloroform wetting Try wetting tests in the presence of chloroform Check contact angles through this method
  • 10.Next Steps – Different Compositions Higher polymer percent Test if polymer deficiency is the problem Try both chloroforming and heating samples Mechanical tests Higher TCP percent See if improves mechanical tests Sinter and check mechanical properties again
  • 11.Project Timeline
  • 12.Questions?