- Stanford Synchrotron Radiation - Rdb systems at SNS, Jeff Patton and cast, April 27-29

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  • 1.Rdb systems at SNS Jeff Patton and cast April 27-29, 2005 EPICS Meeting 2005
  • 2.2 Status Good level of integration in: Acceleration Physics Application Programs Operations Document control Diagnostics Magnets Behind in the Controls arena but picking up steam Building accelerator while trying to design the software Better to have everything in place beforehand Increasing automation “Sure I’d love to use the data…You mean I have to put data in?”
  • 3.3 Software systems Jeri PV Logger SCORE (Save Compare and Restore) Network Registration Application physics programs Electronic Logbook MPS audit Power Supply configuration Operations administration Bypass tracking Web Reports Panosophy (Jefferson Lab) Electronic Checklist Cable installation DataStream (COTS) ProjectWise (COTS PDM) Primavera (COTS) Instrumentation ODBC and JDBC do your own thing
  • 4.4 Software systems
  • 5.5 Obligatory ERD
  • 6.6 IRMISBase Participating in the IRMISBase collaboration PVCrawler running at SNS on one boot server Added extensions for IOC version information Good test bed. Engineers from the 6 partner labs plus others. Still detecting new patterns Lots of data. Each reboot will initiate a full scan SNS is a descriptive and prescriptive model (primarily descriptive) so we have integrated the two
  • 7.7 Jeri (Java EPICS Rdb Interface) Now built using the new desktop based XAL user interface classes (Chris Fowlkes) Breakout of useful classes into the ../Tools for database connector, Rdb table editor, etc. Tom Pelaia considering breaking UI components into SourceForge package Controls framework branch planned as part of IRMISBase collaboration Model-Viewer-Controller (MVC) design for heavy and thin client user interfaces Heavy client deployed via Java Webstart to be platform and location independent
  • 8.8 Jeri – IOC’s
  • 9.9 Jeri - IOC
  • 10.10 Jeri - IOC
  • 11.11 Electronic Logbook New features for Operations Daily Orders; Required Reading Integrated Call List Improved thread display
  • 12.12 Electronic Logbook
  • 13.13 Operations
  • 14.14 Operations
  • 15.15 Operations Logbook entry on IOC reboot EDM screen passes field values to OS shell script which calls Perl script which executes database stored procedure to make Logbook entry ODBC connectivity within EDM?
  • 16.16 Operations
  • 17.17 Directions Continue to work with IRMISBase collaboration on additional crawlers, the hardware and cable crawlers Construct the XAL controls framework Build on existing infrastructure; more and more detailed reports More prescriptive tools