Session 2 Workshop Interagency Strategic Research Plan

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  • 1.Session 2: Workshop: Interagency Strategic Research Plan for Tropical Cyclones: The Way Ahead Moderator: Dr. Paul Try, Senior VP, STC Rapporteurs: Ms. Mary Cairns (OFCM) Mr. Floyd Hauth (OFCM/STC) Panelists: Mr. Mark Welshinger, OFCM Dr. Frank Marks, HRD Dr. Ramesh Kakar, NASA Dr. Naomi Surgi, NCEP Dr. Richard Hodur, NRL-Monterey Dr. Isaac Ginis, University of Rhode Island
  • 2.Strategic Research Plan Overview Interagency tropical cyclone plan that encompasses all applicable Federal agencies Grass-roots-up approach to meet the needs of the three operational tropical cyclone forecast and warning centers TPC/NHC, CPHC, and JTWC Needs characterized by seven tropical cyclone-related, day-to-day operational forecast and warning categories Intensity Structure Track Sea state Strategy / recommendations focus on R&D, enhanced coordination / collaboration, transition of research to operations, and increased funding Storm surge Precipitation Observations
  • 3.Panel: Related Comments -- R2O Needs Greater Emphasis (Sensor/DA/Modeling/Outreach) Sensors: -- New Satellite and Aircraft capabilities Improving the System -- Continuing support for outyear new technologies (e.g., GEO MW array tech.) Modeling: Good Systematic/Well Planned Model Upgrades -- Moving to ESMF -- Need for Community standards (grids, etc.,) for > interoperability -- Ocean/Wave coupling coming soon -- Research Results Not Fully Realized/Optimized -- Major Improvements in Capability on Horizon!!! BUT ”IFF” (if and only if) Effective Research (incl:data analysis) and Planned R2O Must have greater Human and Computer Capacity Resources (i.e., Supplements in both research (B/A) and R2O required)
  • 4.Interagency Strategic Research Plan for Tropical Cyclones The Way Ahead 1st Step: Necessary comprehensive basis to build focused implementation on! Summary: Plan’s Primary Features: -- Strategic -- Comprehensive -- Collaborative (Multi-agency Consensus) -- Identifies Resources Required -- Identifies Gaps
  • 5.Interagency Strategic Research Plan for Tropical Cyclones The Way Ahead Next Step (Actions): -- OFCM Multiagency Coordinated Effort (Leverage agency expertise, funding, mission needs, etc.,) -- 10 year TC Research Implementation Plan (Brief: Focused, Annual Review/Update, Timelines, Milestones, etc.,) -- NWP Development Improvement Plan (w/>R2O; > Academia; >resources) -- Strategic TC Recon Improvement Plan (incl: Manned, unmanned, satellite + Observing Strategies) -- OFCM Continue Review Hurricane Warning System -- Increase Focus on Deficiency in NWP Professionals