Product Training, CKP-Series | SAE CAN Keypad, SAE CAN 2

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  • 1.Product Training Module CKP-Series | SAE J1939 CAN Keypad
  • 2.SAE J1939 CAN 2.0b Protocol IP69 Front Panel Sealing Protection Install Inside or Outside Cab Low Profile Design Installs Vertically or Horizontally Up to 3 LED Function Lights per Button Standard or Custom Laser Etched Legends Diagnostic Feedback 1,000,000+ Button Actuation Cycles Low Current Switching 8 to 32V Operating Voltage Tactile and Audible Feedback Product highlights
  • 4.Product design features
  • 5.Product design features
  • 6.Product Advantages Compared to Electromechanical 1,000,000+ Actuation Cycles Reduced Wire Harnessing Diagnostics Feedback in Case of Failure Easy Installation Built in Connector Mates to the Deutsch DT-Series Connector
  • 7.Electrical Designed for 12/24 volt systems Minimum 8 VDC Maximum 32VDC Low current sleep mode draws less than 1.5mA throughout the supply voltage range. Wakes on keypress or CAN message. The keypad passes SAE J1455 section 4.13.1 for power up, operating voltage, over voltage, reverse polarity and short circuit Software CAN 2.0b type interface as defined by SAE J13939 Environmental -40˚C to +85˚C operating temperature IP69 front panel sealing protection IP68 when connected (back side) Chemical, corrosion & weather resistant Specification highlights* * See datasheet for complete details
  • 8.Transient Immunity ISO 11452-2, 100 V/m, 20 MHz to 2,000 MHz, Class A per ISO 11451-1 Conducted Transient Immunity ISO 7637-2:2004, Annex A Table A2 (for 24V systems), Class A EDS Immunity ISO 10605:2001, Test level IV (8 kV direct discharge, 15 kV air discharge) Transient Emission ISO 13766, Broadband: Annex D, Narrow band: Annex E, 30-1000 MHz EMC Specifications* * See datasheet for complete details
  • 9.Software J1939 is a higher level protocol based on Control Area Network (CAN). It covers the design and use of devices that transmit electronic signals and control information among vehicle components. Used as an application layer, J1939 provides communication between the engine control, transmission control, vehicle body control, and other applicable sub-control systems. To learn more, click on the following links. What is J1939? SAE Standards » SAE J1939 Explained »
  • 10.Software integration Please refer to the J1939 Interface Specification document for additional details on: Overview and Switch Status LED Function Light Status Diagnostic Reporting Common CAN Messages Sleep Mode J1939 Interface J1939 Interface Specification »
  • 11.Dimensional Specifications in. [mm]
  • 12.Configuring a sample/part First, configure base of the keypad including orientation & function light color. STEP 1
  • 13.Configuring a sample/part STEP 1 Continued| ORIENTATION OPTIONS
  • 14.Configuring a sample/part Second, configure how the 3 light codes per button will function from options 1-8 and choose the laser etched icon for each of the 12 buttons. The black dots, as shown in options 1-8, are representative of which position will be laser etched to reveal the lights on the PC Board. STEP 2
  • 15.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Country of origin: Mexico International Harmonization Code: 8536.50 ECC: EAR99 Lead Time: 12 Weeks Packaging: 24 pieces/box
  • 16.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Download CAD Files » Request Quote or Sample » Download Datasheet » Contact Us » J1939 Interface Specification » Manual Change Source Address »
  • 17.Product video Click the Play Button to Watch