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About Us

SlideHTML5 is the world's leading provider of digital publishing software. We have been focusing on developing outstanding online publishing software for users all over the world and providing customized solutions for publishers in different industries. Such as education, business, games, fashion, finance, etc. We have established firm and cooperative relationships with many digital publishers from all walks of life. As a leading publishing software development company, we always keep up with the technological changes in the publishing industry. SlideHTML5, the latest member of our team, creates online presentations based on HTML5 and amazes the world with influential content!

We provide a wide range of solutions for content marketing, say goodbye to bulky offline PPT files, and convert PPT to HTML5 online presentations at lightning speed. SlideHTML5 allows you to distribute your content through PCs, tablets, mobile devices and social media channels. Try this best online presentation maker! We believe you will be impressed.

Who Should Use SlideHTML5

Everyone is totally free to use SlideHTML5. Company teams use this online presentation platform to share information, discuss ideas, and improve the level of communication among teams. Marketers showcase their brilliant ideas to customers through fascinating online slide presentations. Teachers and students share slides online or integrate slides into LMS. Teaching and learning anytime, anywhere.

SlideHTML5 enables everyone to convert PPT into online presentations with a simple click and share them on various social platforms, making content distribution really a breeze.

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SlideHTML5 provides its clients with a high-quality and user-friendly platform. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. Your feedback is important to us and we will do our utmost to improve our services to meet the needs of clients.