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Can I use SlideHTML5 for Free?
Absolutely! We always offer a free plan to all our customers. You can upload and share your PowerPoint online without paying extra money. You’ll be able to easily and painlessly create and manage all of your online publications. SlideHTML5 is a vibrant community of creatives. All contents are released under the SlideHTML5 License. It’s safe to convert your PowerPoint to HTML5 on SlideHTML5 clouds.
How to remove SlideHTML5 logo from my presentation?
The SlideHTML5 logo is a copyright mark from SlideHTML5 that shows up on HTML5 after converting your PowerPoint. There is no option to remove the "Powered by SlideHTML5" Logo on the free plan so far.
How to upload PPT(x) to create online presentation?
First, create a FREE account on SlideHTML5. Second, drag or click the button to add PPT files from local files. Then save and exit. Now you have created your PPT presentation online. You can also share and embed your online presentation link into your website.

General Question

How to manage my online presentation?
Click "MY SLIDES". You can create new folders to manage your online presentation. You'll be able to custom their names, classify and describe them as you like.
How to embed online presentation to website?
After publishing your online presentation, you should click "Embed" . Then copy the embed code and paste it into your HTML file.
How to share online presentation?
After publishing your online presentation, click "Embed". Then you can share the QR code, book link, or share on the platforms like Facebook or Twitter. You can also embed your virtual presentation onto your site.
How to custom privacy settings?
After publishing your online presentation, click "public". If you make your presentation private on SlideHTML5, then your presentation can only be seen by yourself. If you make your PPT public on the website, anyone on the internet can reach your book.
How to delete my online presentation?
After entering you homepage, find the presentation you want to delete in "MY SLIDES". Then click "delete".
How to customize folder settings?
Choose the folder you want to customize, then click "edit folder" in the folder management. You can custom its name, category and description.
Where to get online link of presentation?
After publishing your online presentation, find the presentation in “MY SLIDES”. Then hover over the thumbnail. You can find the SlideHTML5 link or books link of your presentation.