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  • 1.ThePokeFactory - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trading
  • 2.Welcome to ThePokeFactory We provide the best Pokemon breeding services online. We take away the stress of haunting, breeding and training. Leave it to us! Dedicated to Pokemon trading and customer service, ThePokeFactory has rich experience since Pokemon SWSH. We have a series of Pokemon goods, including all Scarlet and Violet Items, Pokemon and Pokemon Custom. We commit to providing secure payment methods and the most reasonable prices. We’ve offered help to thousands of players to get more fun in the game. We hope every Pokemon player can have an enjoyable experience here!
  • 3.Pokemon Categories
  • 4.Pokemon Custom Pokemon Held Items Pokemon Eggs Pokemon Bundles Unobtainable Pokemon
  • 5.Why Choose Us Low Price Guarantee: We adjust the prices of products in real time according to market changes, we provide the best service, and sell at the lowest price. Security Guarantee: We provide a secure trading system to protect your information. If your order cannot be delivered, we will guarantee 100% refund. Fast Delivery: More than 98% of the orders were completed within 30 minutes. For special cases, please contact our 24/7 online chat.
  • 6.Best Selling Products Charizard Mightiest Mark Armarouge Raid Counter Cinderace Mightiest Mark Ditto - 6IVs Japanese
  • 7.Contact Us Website: Email: Phone: 3500772411 Social Links: Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin We have a professional 24/7 customer service team. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem.