Group 6: Accreditation, SOE Fall Faculty and Staff Retreat 2002

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  • 1.1 Group 6: Accreditation SOE Fall Faculty and Staff Retreat 2002
  • 2.2 What is Accreditation? Certification by our professional societies that we are doing our job and are continually improving. ABET - Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. Currently, CE; working on it, EE; Considering, CS.
  • 3.3 Why is Success in Accreditation Important? (Why should you care?) It will make our programs and our school better via measurement and improvement It will improve our reputation. Better program Better students Better development It has been used as leverage.
  • 4.4 What are the impediments? Non-involvement Lack of understanding or cooperation Lack of timely action Examples of tasks needing help Detailed course description Implementing our survey feedback loops
  • 5.5 Sample Course Description
  • 6.6 Facilitating Accreditation Thankfully, much work has been started. Started feedback loops (exams) Allocated funds for student workers Developed a schedule Started required documentation Everyone in SOE should understand and buy-in to the importance of Accreditation. Everyone should contribute via effort, time, reprioritization, tools, and attitude.
  • 7.7 ABET Tasks & Due Dates