Retention Techniques for Clients or Customers by Michael Merisier Junior


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  • 1.Michael Merisier Junior Retention Techniques for Clients or Customers by Michael Merisier Junior
  • 2.ABOUT Michael Merisier Junior Michael Merisier Junior is Founder & Owner of Luxury Rental Bae is a Luxury & Exotic car rental company in the South Florida area. Also, charters yachts and jet-skis. With the car rental demand at an all-time high due to traditional rental companies being low on inventory, Luxury Rental Bae has been thriving and is currently expanding to different markets and cities. Also expanding into Fleet Management and Auto Repairs. Great at identifying new opportunities and emerging markets. Currently launching some new projects. Lots of opportunities in the testing and pharmaceutical fields. Learned stock and currency trading. Focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading. Lots of opportunities in automation and trading education. Also, seek to make a difference. Born and raised in Haiti, I’ve witnessed first class the lack of entrepreneurship education in third world countries and also the lack of opportunities. Trading and entrepreneurship can be amazing avenues to add value to the lives of others around the world. Even though trading and entrepreneurship are risky and should be approached with caution, I believe with the right education and practice, they can add real positive value and change the lives of others around the world. I’ve had great mentors in my life who have thought me that if you are not growing as a human being, you are dying. I’ve grown a lot through my trials and tribulations because of personal development through reading leadership books. Invested quite a bit into quality leadership and personal growth materials.
  • 3.Customers or clients Retention Strategies Whether a starter or a big corporation, focusing on business development is very important. It will help an organization generate revenue and open unlimited opportunities. Michael Merisier Junior has been in the business industry for over 10 years, working with various clients to build a reputation with clients so that the company can grow and reach new milestones. Ideally, customers are the one that brings about the existence of a business. From Michael's experience as an aspiring business person, you'll learn much about various skills you need for your business to grow in a greater and bigger manner.
  • 4.Michael Merisier Junior “Here are the essential strategies that would help you retain your customers
  • 5.Communication Skill Clients would often want to improve their business with the help of services they don't have enough skills or time. As a service provider, always get in touch with your clients with effective communication while updating them in real-time, either through writing or verbal.
  • 6.KEEP A REAL TIME FRAME For any organization in the business industry, certain objects should be respected, one of which is a real-time frame. Michael Merisier Junior improved the worth of his organization through his skills and amazing client retention methods. He becomes outstanding among his peers by always keeping it real. Maintaining a real-time frame is about letting clients know they can count on them and always explaining the real situation.
  • 7.Let Customer’s data work for you Customers' data will always determine their needs. Include some of your customers' pain points if you know them. Check out their feedback and reviews and determine ways to provide solutions for your customers' problems. A survey is also an alternative that can build and encourage customer engagement. It shows your customers that you value their opinions and are willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy them.
  • 8.KEEP YOUR CUSTOMER IN THE LOOP Constantly educate customers by providing up-to-date information about your products and services. It includes sharing product milestones, so your customers know you strive for continuous improvement. Also, maintain regular communication using various webchats, social media, and text messaging channels. Ensure you personalize your content depending on your targeted audience.
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