Why Choose Anthropology Optional for your UPSC Optional Subject


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  • 1.Why Choose Anthropology Optional for your Optional Subject UPSC CSE is one of the toughest exams. While you stumble upon a couple of dilemmas such as which strategy to opt for to study for this exam, which course to get enrolled in, one of the biggest dilemmas is to pick an optional subject since UPSC CSE alone allots 500 marks to an optional subject. You need to pick an optional subject from a list of 22 subjects. These days, many aspirants are picking Anthropology optional. Anthropology optional Anthropology as an optional is great. It’s easy-to-understand, not very tactical and has a lot of study material. There have been umpteen toppers who had Anthropology as their optional. But with competition in Anthropology increasing at an exponential rate, it is becoming difficult to snatch marks from the pen of the examiner. To help you with Anthropology optional, Eden IAS has rolled out an answer writing course. The course is of 2.5 months and covers both the papers - Paper I & Paper II. The mentor for this course is Mr. Suresh Gurramkonda who has teaching experience of 5 years. As per Suresh sir, Anthropology is a popular optional because: The syllabus of Anthropology is pretty well-defined. This subject is not dynamic but static in nature. This subject has clear and more glamorous scoring prospects. The success rate of candidates with Anthropology optional is very high. Hence, aspirants get inspired and try to pick Anthropology only as their optional. There is an ocean of study material for Anthropology. Eden IAS provides crisp, compiled and intensively comprehensive content for Anthropology which is curated by Dr. Suresh. Students, subsequently, get a big picture of different study material. The syllabus for Anthropology often overlaps with other GS papers. Now, the point is how should one go about this subject?
  • 2.Anthropology answer writing Francis Bacon has very well said, "reading market a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man". UPSC, on the same line, looks for these qualities in an aspirant. Dr. Suresh believes that only Anthropology answer writing can make you get through this optional subject. If you write in the best possible manner you will be marked in the best possible manner and will make you the best amongst the rest. In order to help students excel in this subject, Eden IAS has rolled out a 10 week-long Anthropology answer writing. Four questions are attempted every day by students with Suresh sir’s guidance. The questions belong to topics written down in this comprehensive schedule. Dr. Suresh makes his students appear for an ample number of tests. About 23 tests are taken for Paper-I and 17 tests for Paper-II, giving equal importance to both the papers. About four revision tests are taken apart from regular mock tests. Not only this, they evaluate your answers as well and that too with individual feedback. Check out an evaluated sample by Eden IAS experts here. Do you want to get a demo of evaluation? At Eden IAS, you can get your first copy evaluated for free!