title - Jean Gagneux (University of Strasbourg) Louise Giroux (PHILANTHRÔPIA), 2012, 09

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  • 1.Jean Gagneux (University of Strasbourg) Louise Giroux (PHILANTHRÔPIA) 2012/09/18 Copyright Advancement Academy 1 The University of Strasbourg Fundraising Campaign
  • 2.At the end of this presentation you will know: Why UDS has been successful in its 20M€ fundraising project ? What are the preliminary questions before launching a fundraising campaign ? What are the main steps in developing a fundraising campaign ? What are the key elements for a successful major donors campaign ? What is the consultant’s added value? What’s new about the University’s Foundation ? Copyright Advancement Academy 2 18/09/2012
  • 3.18/09/2012 Copyright Advancement Academy 3 UDS had a specific and ambitious project which had been approved by the whole organization’s stake holders. Its president, rector and board of directors were involved and mobilized, UDS directors and managers invited potential donors among their own network, UDS did set up a professional structure, dedicated to the project. Why UDS did succeed in its project ?
  • 4.Copyright Advancement Academy 4 The project has been successful mainly because of : - Appropriate projects, - A network of potential donors, - Involved leadership, - Dedicated organization, - Sufficient human and financial resources. Key Success Factors 18/09/2012
  • 5.How to start and formulate a project ? Who’s defining the vision of development (middle and long term) ? Who’s suggesting the projects and who’s promoting them internally ? Why estimate the fundraising potential ? And how ? What is the first action plan ? Development office, internal and external communication, silent campaign, ambassador comity. 18/09/2012 Copyright Advancement Academy 5 Practice
  • 6.The mistakes that have been avoided : - Incomplete feasibility study, - Insufficient strategic reflexion, - Inadequate projects or insufficiently supported by the whole organization, - Slow implementation, - Lack of human or financial resources. Copyright Advancement Academy 6 Why did the University succeed in its project ? 18/09/2012
  • 7.For its methodological approach, For its practical tools, For its experienced team, For its donor’s network expertise, For the knowledge transfer. Copyright Advancement Academy 7 Why did UDS worked with Philanthrôpia ? 18/09/2012
  • 8.A campaign on its way to success, Experimented professionals, An involved Board of Directors, Long term partners, Concrete and essential projects, Involvement of the socio-economical community in Alsace, New developments in preparation. 18/09/2012 Copyright Advancement Academy 8 The Foundation of Strasbourg University today
  • 9.w Why a financial campaign for your institution ? What is your qualitative ambition ? and your financial one ? What is your development strategy ? What are the projects financial needs ? Do you have a dedicated team, tools and financial resources for conducting such a campaign ? Is the board of directors involved ? Do you have a network of potential donors ? Copyright Advancement Academy 9 The preliminary questions And now... It’s your turn ! 18/09/2012
  • 10.Louise Giroux Principal Advisor for Philanthrôpia Jean Gagneux Chief Financial Officer of the Foundation of Strasbourg University Copyright Advancement Academy 10 Thank you for your attention ! 18/09/2012