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  • 1.POWSYBL “Power System Blocks” Jean-Baptiste Heyberger, R&D team manager, RTE Demo by: Sébastien Murgey, R&D developer, RTE
  • 2.Outlines A high-performance and modular computing framework for power system simulations and analytics,for horizons from real-time operation to investment planning Java based Pooled components that are assembled to form tailor-made tools addressing a diverse and scalable range of needs An industrial strength application
  • 3.Main features Modular approach CGMES importer/exporter implementation CGMES is a standard for TSO data exchanges in Europe It is challenging to converge on a common understanding of specifications Push a “code first approach” to speed up the implementation of new features POWSYBL: MY NEW TOOL: Import CGMES data Power flow computation Display results (UI)
  • 4.Main features High Performance Computing capability Scalable data management system (NoSQL Cassandra) Workflows management on HPC clusters (Slurm, MPI) High scalability tested on a 10000 core platform Computation module integration Open APIs to interface computation modules Power flows Optimizers Time domain simulation
  • 5.Conclusion RTE is already using POWSYBL-based tools in operations The modularity and industrial strength of the software opens up opportunities of collaboration to get more done, faster Join us for a live demo at lunch break
  • 6.Thank You