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  • 1.Public Support for Crofting Development Presentation to the Cross Party Group on Crofting 29th January 2014 Gordon Jackson Scottish Government John King Registers of Scotland Neil Ross Highlands and Islands Enterprise Susan Walker Crofting Commission
  • 2.Committee of Inquiry on crofting (2008) “Government will enable innovation, enterprise, inclusion and institutional capacity for community action to ensure crofting contributes to society’s goals” Croft entrant schemes Legislation Crofting Land Reform Crofting Communities Development Scheme Bull Hire Scheme Pre 2010
  • 3. Scottish Government (SG) Legislative framework Future of crofting - Policy lead SGRPID - Scottish Rural Development Programme Single Farm payments Rural development contracts - Land manager options Rural development contracts – Rural priorities Croft house grants Crofting counties agricultural grant scheme Less favoured area support scheme Bull Hire Scheme Crofting Commission (CC) Regulator - Protection of crofting assets Enhancing occupation of crofts Ensuring purposeful use Approval of appropriate development Managing de-crofting & apportionment Maintaining the Register of Crofters Supporting Crofting Register (Map based) mapping & regi’n common grazings registrations of indiividual crofts Other regulation of crofting Lead on reporting state of crofting Influencing policy development Highlands and Islands Enterprise Integrating - Next generation of crofters - Skills and capacity building Collaboration with CC Influencing policy development Registers of Scotland (RoS) Host for Crofting Register Registering crofts Registration of common grazings Registration of land held runrig Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)t Supporting high nature value agriculture Evaluation of ‘conservation’ grants (through SRDP) - Research Whole Community Led Development Crofting Community Development Local Authorities (LA’s) Planning regulator Development of planning policy Determination of planning applications Influencing policy development C r o f t i n g C o m m u n i t i e s Crofters, their families and neighbours C r o f t i n g system Post 2010
  • 4.Regulation Crofters’ duties Grazing committees Common grazings – assets! Assessors network Duty to report Policy development Crofting Commission
  • 5.Crofting Counties Agricultural Grant Scheme (CCAGS) Croft House Grant Scheme (CHGS) Crofters Cattle Quality Improvement Scheme (CCQIS) New Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) SG grant funding
  • 6.Crofting Register Provide a basis for crofting in the 21st C Protect and secure croft land for crofters Support crofting communities Promote economic growth – enable croft land to realise its economic potential Provide a means for resolving long-standing boundary disputes ros.gov.uk Recording and safeguarding your rights
  • 7.Capacity and skills Succession Community land ownership Community-led development Public sector collaboration Influencing policy HIE Whole Community Led development Crofting Community Development
  • 8.A range of free seminars and workshops A network of business advisers Sharing of experience and expertise Business planning Start-up Growing businesses Reaching full potential Business Support Accessing finance Impartial advice Specialist advisory services LAs - Business Gateway
  • 9.Joint communications Policy and research Planning Geographic focus Collaboration An imperative to realise opportunities and agree priorities
  • 10.“Government [in close collaboration with its agencies] will enable innovation, enterprise, inclusion and institutional capacity for community action to ensure crofting contributes to society’s goals” Realising the potential