TAM Design Session 4-4

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  • 1.Recruiting and Onboarding Summary OneUSG Connect – Careers
  • 2.Careers Agenda 2 Core Functionality Careers Integrations Readiness Kits Project Approach Onboarding Flow Benefits
  • 3.Talent Acquisition ManagementCore Functionality 3 Talent Acquisition Manager is a complete, integrated system that enables organizations to effectively manage workforce acquisition across all employment categories. Whether you have a few resumes to fill hard-to-find positions or you have plenty of resumes but top candidates are scarce, Talent Acquisition Manager is ideally suited to meet your needs in any type of hiring conditions. Streams of applicants can be screened, interviewed, and hired quickly and efficiently. • Create and manage job openings • Enter and manage applicant information • Manage job postings • Search for job openings and applicants • Screen applicants • Route applicants • Manage applicant interviews • Manage offers • Prepare applicants for hire
  • 4.Candidate GatewayCore Functionality 4 Candidate Gateway enables applicants (internal and External) applicants to: • View information about current job openings in the organization • Search for job openings that match their interests • Save job search criteria • Save job openings • Use multiple resumes in the job application process • Submit job applications and resumes for specific job openings • Submit job applications and resumes without applying to a specific job • Submit employment references, cover letters, and other documents • Complete online screening questionnaires • View notifications from recruiters • View interview schedules • Refer friends • Complete interview evaluations • Review personal and team interview schedules
  • 5.Careers Core Functionality 5 Step 1 – Job opening is created, approved, posted and marketed (Workflow by Institution) Step 2 – Candidates apply for the position Step 3 –Candidates are reviewed, rejected or invited to interview Step 4 – Offer created and approved (Workflow by Institution) Step 5 – Offer communicated – applicant accepts or declines offer (No ‘holds’ on other jobs) Step 6 – Background Investigation conducted Step 7 – Selected candidate is hired using Manage Hires – May be added as POI (future start date) Step 8 – Onboarding vendor – I9, eVerify, Smart Forms Step 9 – Other candidates attached to job opening will be rejected at hire Step 10 – Job opening is filled/closed
  • 6.Current USG Applicant Tracking Systems 6 MANUAL
  • 7.Careers Building Blocks 7 Reporting: Job Openings Applicant Listing Manage Hires Audit Vacant Positions Job Aging Analysis Regulatory Reports Position Management: Create New Positions Clone Positions Update Positions Vacant Positions Population Served: Staff Faculty Executive Part Time Faculty Students Volunteers HR Transactions: Hires Rehires Dual Appointment Promotions Transfers 3rd Party Interfaces: Sterling Equifax (Future) Job Boards (Future) Table Maintenance: Job Opening Templates Application Templates Recruitment Templates Sites
  • 8.High Level OneUSG Connect Integration 8
  • 9.Readiness Kit – Training 9 Careers Readiness Kit – Training Responsibility – Institutional Audience – Managers and Employees Type – Train the Trainer Content – Manager Training Material Timing – Week of November 6th
  • 10.Readiness Kit – Communications 10 Careers Readiness Kit – Communications Responsibility – Institutional Audience – Leadership, Practioners, Managers and Employees Content – Module Introductions and ‘Did you knows’ Timing – Week of November 6th
  • 11.High-level – Project Approach 11 Overall Plan - Includes Primary Setup, Development and Testing Plan Institutional Plan – Includes Specific Institutional Items, Testing, Cut Over Tasks, Clean Up Tasks, etc… No conversion – Individual needs recognized for ramping down/ramping up systems, data retention, website changes, etc…
  • 12.Onboarding Flow 12
  • 13.Benefits 13 Reduce manual/dual entry of data Improve applicant & practitioner experience Improved hiring manager experience Integrated ATS and onboarding solutions with PeopleSoft HCM and 3rd party vendors Standardize and simplify business processes, procedures, and forms/packets – reduction in paper based forms Reduced compliance risk Cost savings in applicant processing and 3rd party contracts Centralized data allows for cross institutional reporting and metrics System facilitates best practices in hiring Compatible with on most mobile devices
  • 14.Next Steps 14 Interested in a Demo? Contact Michael Smith with ITS michael.smith@usg.edu