ADAA Funded Therapeutic Commy and Long Term

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  • 1.Orientation ADAA Funded Residential Treatment ContractsCriminal Justice Population October 28, 2011
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  • 4.Referral ProcessCriminal Justice 8-507 Patients Judge ADAA Justice Services FAX 8507 Clinical Review Appropriate For TX? DOC Clearance? Place Patient on Non-Cleared Waiting List No Yes No Yes
  • 5.Locate Slot Based on Proximity and Cost Slot Available? Place Patient on Cleared Waiting List DOC Medical/ Transfer Clearance? Place Patient on Non-Cleared Waiting List Refer to Provider in SMART No Yes Yes No
  • 6.Referral Decision Making Process Are there providers in the region? Is there a provider in the next closest region? Does the lowest cost provider have an opening? Refer Yes Yes No Yes
  • 7.Provider Accept Referral in SMART Arrange Patient pick-up with DOC/ LDC Admit Patient & enter contact note in SMART Billing begins in SMART
  • 8.Transportation Defendants released from the Department of Corrections (DOC) will be transported to the Maryland Correctional Institution-Jessup Jessup, Maryland, for pick up by the identified treatment program. Defendants released from local Detention Centers will be transported by the Detention center staff to the treatment program. Defendants entering from community will be responsible for their transportation.
  • 9.Medication Defendants released from DOC will receive a 30 days supply of medication upon their release. Defendants released from local Detention Centers generally do not receive medications upon release and/or one week supply.
  • 10.Gang Affiliation If known, ADAA will notify if defendant is in a gang, name the gang and ranking. During admission you should go over your policy related to gang behavior.
  • 11.Next Steps Programs will receive a letter with requirements related to program’s responsibility for the HG 8-507 patient.
  • 12.Primary Adult Care Assist defendant in applying for PAC As soon as possible after admission Defendants from DOC should be arriving with a digital ID Continue to collaborate with DOC for birth certificates ADAA web site has Helpful Tips in applying
  • 13.HG 8-507 Progress Note Monthly progress note Copy in your folder All areas need to be completed Review and questions?
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  • 18.Extension Letters Individual treatment plans Discharge dates will be based on individual tx plans and obtaining goals Extension letters to be received at ADAA at 90 days. Eric Peck and Dave Putsche
  • 19.Discharge Summary/Continuing Care Profile Both must be completed Both are mailed to court/ADAA/ Probation Agent Continuing Care Profile is in SMART can be downloaded to include with d/c summary.
  • 20.Monitoring Agency Parole and Probation Need name of the Probation Agent? Parole and Probation Central Intake 443-263-3754 Why is this important?
  • 21.Justice Services HG 8-507 Staff Karen Yoke 410-402-8595 Nicolle Birckhead 410-402-8620 Dave Putsche 410-402-8642 Eric Peck 410-402-8645