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  • 1.Payroll: What Is Payroll Accounting Software? Best accounting and payroll software for small business Here are the answers to 5 common asked questions about payroll accounting software 1. Payroll Accounting Software Managing employees and their pay can be stressful, but not if you
  • 2.know what you’re doing! Payroll management software helps keep track of all your employees’ time off, hours worked, salaries, taxes and deductions, and much more. Here are some tips on how to choose the best software for your business. 2. What is a payroll account? A payroll account is a record of payments made to individuals based on work completed. A payroll account can either be manual or electronic. In a manual system, paper timesheets are filled out by each employee listing hours worked and any deductions are taken. Each week, these paper records are entered into a computerized database. As soon as the information is entered, it’s ready to calculate payroll. In an electronic payroll program, timesheet data is stored directly onto a computer instead of being put into a paper format. Electronic systems provide greater flexibility than manual methods
  • 3.since they allow employers to make changes easily without having to re-enter the same data. 3. How do I choose a payroll software package? Like anything else in business, choosing a payroll software package comes down to picking the right fit for your specific needs. Look at your company’s size, industry, number of employees, types of positions held, and type of payroll practices. Once you’ve determined those factors, look at the different packages available. There are many companies offering payroll services. Make sure you understand the features offered in each before picking one. Ask about pricing and trial versions. You may find that a free download version works just fine for your needs. 4. Do I need a payroll accountant? With a few exceptions (such as self-employed contractors), most
  • 4.businesses employ people who perform payroll duties themselves. If you have no experience with a payroll program, then hiring someone else to take care of payroll can save you money while still providing professional service. But, if you want to learn to payroll yourself, there are several training courses available online or at local schools. Online classes are convenient, but face-to-face classes offer more hands-on experience. Moreover, if you plan to hire another person for payroll duties in the future, taking a class might help them stay current on the latest advances. 5. What should I consider when choosing payroll software? Just about everything is customizable with this kind of software. You can set up rules to calculate things like overtime automatically, vacation, sick leave, and even tax withholding.
  • 5.Calculating your own salary can be complex, especially if your business offers multiple categories of workers. Find a software program that lets you add extra fields for each category and adjust the formula accordingly. For example, you could add additional fields to determine whether an individual is exempt or non-exempt, full-time or part-time, hourly or salaried, etc. Another thing to consider is the level of detail you want to enter. Are you looking for a simple way to manage your payroll, or do you want to customize forms and reports to meet your exact calculation? Here is the 14 day free trial for payroll accounting software.