Tourism, Culture, and Ways of Life

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  • 1.Tourism & People CIS Block
  • 2.Globalization Tourism is a vehicle for globalization Modern colonization Culture often used to promote tourism “Buy” people
  • 3.Impact on Ways of Life Language Values Jobs and labor Counterfeit culture
  • 4.Cultural Clashes Stereotypes Restriction of progress Forced on indigenous people Inequality in tourist/ local relationships Damages sacred sites Budget travel pros and cons
  • 5.Changes a Culture Drugs Sex trafficking Self-sufficient to consumer-based Difficult to go back
  • 6.Macabre Forms of Tourism Bali- cremation ceremonies Papua New Guinea- safaris Canada and Norway- seal killing New Orleans– Katrina tours
  • 7.Resisting and Improving Tourism Hopi Nation- closed dances, dress codes, no pictures, restricted travel, warning signs Miami Beach– no short term rentals in some areas