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  • 1.PACECOURT THE INDIA BRAND WITH INTERNATIONAL QUALITY I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company, Balaji Sports Co. and our Pacecourt brand. We have been dealing in the Synthetic Sports Flooring business, and our very experienced staff have been involved with Sports Flooring Material production and distribution all over India. We are currently a major player in our domestic market and are now expanding internationally. SPORTS FLOORING
  • 2.Pacecourt is one of the first companies to manufacture a high-quality and premium synthetic sports surface material in India suitable for all types of outdoor sports and recreational surfaces like tennis and badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Skating, Walking Tracks, and Multi-sports grounds. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is well equipped to manufacture sports coating products. Each product is a result of countless hours that have been spent by the research and development team to ensure durability, athlete comfort, playability, and affordable for the customer. Our products for outdoor courts are available across India through our nationwide channel partners and distributors. Pacecourt products feature 100% acrylic resins, UV-resistant oxide pigment, selected reinforcing fillers, and fungicides. It also has excellent color retention, UV resistance, and extraordinary wear properties. Introduction About us
  • 3.DEEP PATCH: THE ULTIMATE UNDULATION SOLUTION Deep Patch is designed for undulation, Pacecourt has developed a new product called the Deep Patch, the best solution for undulation; simply order a Deep Patch and apply it; your undulation will be balanced. ACRYLIC CONCRETE PRIMER ACRYLIC RESURFACER PACECOURT PACECOURT PACECOURT Products High-Quality & premium synthetic sports surface material worldwide suitable for all type of outdoor sports. SPORTS FLOORING MANUFACTURERS INDIA Pacecourt acrylic concrete primer is designed for interior surfaces. Acrylic Concrete Primer has good whiteness, good coverage, flow, and levelling properties. Pacecourt Acrylic Resurfacer, which is 100% acrylic-based and contains a selection of fillers and fibers that smooths the surface.
  • 4.CUSHION COAT PACECOURT A cushion coat is a resilient, multi-layered application designed to provide the player with added comfort & a more enjoyable playing experience by reducing shock to the lower extremities. ACRYLIC COLOR COAT PACECOURT Color Coat is a wear-resistance, 100% acrylic emulsion consisting of brilliant pigments & quality polymers that are blended into a highly concentrated form.
  • 5.WHY PACECOURT PACECOURT PACECOURRT Synthetic Flooring Company, Explore varieties of Sports Flooring from Pace Court to build a Court Surface/Synthetic Court ITF Classified 30% More Coverage Easy Transportation Less Wastage on Site Instant Availablity Buy Back Facility No Minimum Order Restriction
  • 6.1 2 3 Pacecourt takes pride in being the first company in India to manufacture synthetic acrylic sports surface materials. Synthetic outdoor flooring services in India have been Classified by ITF Federation. Our state of art manufacturing facilities manufactures Synthetic court sporting products- Acrylic Concrete Primer, Acrylic Resurfacer, Liquid Rubber(granule & powder) color courts WHAT WE DO 4 5 6
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