Setting Up Your Home Martial Arts Gym


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  • 1.SETTING UP YOUR HOME MARTIAL ARTS GYM Have you always wanted a Home Martial Arts Gym? Well, here we Are. In a pandemic and really missing our martial arts training. Some martial arts training over Zoom can be very rewarding and help you to Hone your techniques, basics and katas. Training from the comfort of Your own home can also help you build confidence so that when Studios open up again, you will be both fit and skilled!
  • 2.FIRST THINGS FIRST!CHOOSING A SPACE A 10×10 space without obstacles. Access to internet so that you can Zoom your Martial Arts lessons. (You may need to get a wi-fi booster or use your phone hotspot if your workout space is far from your router). In order for your instructor to see you, you should try to choose a space with lighting (like a window) in front of you. This of course does not apply to outdoor areas. If you can’t get a window or lighting in front of you, try to make sure that you can close any curtains or blinds behind you
  • 3.The Garage Pros: • It won’t disturb the people in your home. • It is out of the way. • You can open doors for ventilation and fresh air. • Most garages have an outlet for Zooming. Cons: • You will lose space for your vehicles, tools and outdoor equipment. • Can get cold in the winter (but you can warm it up fast with a heater) • You will probably have to clean it out and reorganize.
  • 4.The Basement Pros: • It won’t disturb the people in your home. • It is out of the way. • You can finish the basement and connect it to your air conditioning/heating units. • It’s a great size. • You will likely have internet and outlets available. Cons: • You will lose space for your storage. • Some people use Basements for Laundry • You may need to refinish it. • There may be ventilation and water issues in a basement.
  • 5.A Spare Room Pros: • It is already finished and doesn’t need many modifications. • There is temperature control and some ventilation. • Access to internet. Cons: • You might disturb your house- or room-mates. • The room may be odd shaped or too small. • The room doubles as a guest bedroom or office.
  • 6.NEXT? - CHOOSING YOUR FLOORING There are several basic options that come in different thickness and sizes. Checkout the Zebra website, which has different pre-cut options at different price points for some of the following: • Roll out mats • Flat mats • Puzzle mats
  • 7.Martial Arts Equipment?—CHOOSING YOUR TOOLS A standing bag—martial arts supply places offer excellent heavy bag choices that will only take up a 2’x2’ area. More experienced martial artists may want a heavy bag. Extensions for standing or heavy bags that can simulate arms or legs. Or even a human shaped standing bag. Century Martial Arts has an interesting one. Mirrors can be great because they allow you to check your form. If you can get a full length mirror somewhere close to your workout area, that would be great!
  • 8.Electronic Equipment? - ZOOMING ONLINE If you are far from your router, make sure that you have a wi-fi booster or use your phone hotspot. Wireless headset with microphone A larger screen or television that will allow you to see your instructor clearly. This can be accomplished with an HDMI cord. Lighting that projects onto your instructor can see you.
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