DARWIN, I’d go there if I were you, By Toby

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  • 2.DARWIN I’d go there if I were you. By Toby
  • 3.WHERE IS DARWIN? Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory(Top End). Darwin is at the top of the NT next to the east Timor sea.
  • 4.POPULATION OF DARWIN Darwin has a population of approximately 136,245 people. Darwin has the most indigenous Australians in Australia.
  • 5.CLIMATE AND WEATHER In Darwin there is no Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring. Instead they have a wet and dry season. In the wet season there are monsoons, storms and cyclones. In the dry season it is dry and hot.
  • 6.ANIMALS IN DARWIN. In Darwin there are loads of different animals including… The crocodile with an average of 23 feet a weight of 675 kg and eats anything made of meat. Frilled neck lizards which can grow up to 3 feet and 17 kg. If agitated the frilled neck lizard will open its mouth, puff out its frill, flick its tail in a menacing way and run until it’s safe. Dingos which are about 4 feet and 25 kg hunt in packs of about 10 are in many different stories told by indigenous Australians .
  • 7.TOURIST ATTRACTIONS In Darwin there are many different tourist attractions including… Litchfield national park which is approximately 1500 km and has been home to aboriginal people for hundreds and thousands of years. Kakadu national park which is approximately 20,000 square km and has a beautiful landscape.
  • 8.HISTORY OF DARWIN The city of Darwin was named after the man Charles Darwin because of his work on the theory of evolution.
  • 9.WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN DARWIN In Darwin you can … Go on a jungle monsoon walk and see the wildlife. Go in a bubble and swim with the crocodiles.
  • 10.DARWIN GO TO DARWIN Amazing Wow Cool Place yeah
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