How did Ronnie Barksdale survive the 1970 attack on David Barksdale?


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  • 1.How did Ronnie Barksdale survive the 1970 attack on David Barksdale?
  • 2.Three years after arriving in Chicago, Barksdale became a famous gang leader. In 1972, the Barksdale Gang absorbed several other people and became known as “the kingdom of the black disciples.” Tensions between other bands such as Black Disciples and Black Stone Rangers increased.    What all did he do in his criminal life?
  • 3.How did Ronnie Barksdale survive the 1970 attack on David Barksdale?
  • 4.Legal Actions In 1968, Eugene Hairston, the Black P Stone Nation leader, ordered the shooting in Barksdale, resulting in Barksdale being shot seven times in his car in May of that year.  One night in June 1970, Barksdale was shot in the abdomen while leaving a bar in the Englewood area, but he survived and continued to run the gang, while Helston was sent to jail, eventually attempting Organized a club and was killed.  . Barksdale eventually got tired of the bloodshed and in 1973 proposed to merge with the gang disciple leader Larry Hoover. Hoover accepted this proposal, and the gangster country was born.    During his life, Barksdale was arrested 25 times but never was convicted of severe crimes. He used the pseudonym “David Jones” on several occasions when arrested. 
  • 5.How did Ronnie Barksdale survive the 1970 attack on David Barksdale?
  • 6.How and when did he die? On September 2, 1974, Barksdale died of multiple gunshot wounds following an attack in June 1970 when his life was assassinated by members of the Black P Stone Rangers armed with M14 rifles near the bar where Barksdale met Larry Hoover at 848 West 69 the street. The assassination attempt ended the truce that existed at the time.   His three sons survived him; David, Melinda, and Ronnie Barksdale (one of whom was killed by a member of the Gangster Disciples in 1996) and wife Yvonne Barksdale (nee Yarber) until she was dead three years later in June 1977. Black pupils. Every year a birthday is celebrated in his honor.     In 2008, a Black Disciples sponsored and supported parade was held, a controversial event recorded by the Chicago City Council on Saturday. The march was criticized by the Brotherhood Police Order, and the officers conducting the event were warned of possible gang violence.
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