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  • 1.I N S P I R E D E L E M E N T S F I T T E D W A R D R O B E S L O N D O N
  • 2.CREATE YOUR DESIGNS THE INSPIRED WAY! HELLO FRIEND, Fitted wardrobes are custom-made to fit perfectly into the available space. They maximise storage and can be tailored to meet individual needs and preferences. Fitted wardrobes offer a sleek and seamless look and can add value to a home.
  • 3.Wooden wardrobes are classic pieces of furniture that can add style and storage to any room. They are typically made from solid wood, which makes them durable and long-lasting. Wooden wardrobes come in various styles to match any décor, and they can be customised to fit any space. WOODEN Wardrobes
  • 4.STORAGE Use the space you have wisely. If you have a small wardrobe, consider using vertical space by hanging clothes on hanging rods or installing shelves above the door. Label everything. This will help you find what you need quickly and easily. Use baskets and bins to keep small items organised. This will help keep your clothes from getting wrinkled or dirty. Declutter regularly. Get rid of clothes you don't wear anymore to free up space in your wardrobe.
  • 5.CORNER Wardrobes Corner wardrobes are a great space-saving solution for bedrooms with limited floor space. They are designed to fit snugly into the corner of the room, maximising storage space while adding a stylish touch.
  • 6.LED WARDROBES Wardrobes with LED lights are a great way to add style and functionality to your bedroom. The LED lights can illuminate the wardrobe's interior, making it easy to see your clothes and accessories. They can also create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom.
  • 7.WALK-IN WARDROBES Walk in wardrobes are large, freestanding closets that provide ample storage space for clothes, shoes, accessories, and other belongings. They are a great way to declutter your bedroom and make getting dressed a breeze.
  • 8.WARDROBE SHELVES Inside shelves for wardrobes are essential for organising and storing clothes, shoes, and other belongings. They can be adjustable to fit your needs and can be made from various materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic.
  • 9.Testimonials CLIENT Inspired Elements was a joy to work with. My wife and I couldn’t be happier with our fitted wardrobes. The whole team was very helpful with the design and did an excellent job fitting the wardrobes. I would recommend it to anyone! RUSHIL LACHHANI
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