RISER PROJECT, F bathroom, The lay of the land, Wall opening for pipe exposure

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  • 1.RISER PROJECT F bathroom
  • 2.The lay of the land
  • 3.Wall opening for pipe exposure Bathroom
  • 4.Temporary shower wall
  • 5.Bathroom fixtures out with the old! Not to city of Chicago code To city of Chicago code
  • 6.Throne/water closet/commode, byany other name, is still a toilet! before after
  • 7.Sloan valve Toilet replacement We can provide a two piece toilet with a round or oblong bowl that is comfort (ada) height The cost for this is $220 If you prefer to get your own toilet, let the office know and we will have the plumber come to your unit to measure the rough-in dimension. You can then order it with that information it must be in your unit the day that we start your plumbing The association will provide the installation for the one you purchase , as long as there is no feature requiring wiring
  • 8.Tile replacement In each unit, where we will remove a wall with tiles on it, the association will Reimburse that owner up to $187 to buy tiles of their own choice. The condo owner will make sure the tiles are in their unit at the time the contractor is ready to install them. Provide an invoice to be reimbursed.
  • 9.Tile replacement continued The association will pay for the removal and the installation of 55’ of ceramic tile surrounding the tub. If you choose to not use the association contractor/want to install tiles of other material, or want more square footage, A reimbursement check will be provided for up to $995. provide a copy of your invoice.
  • 10.TILE REPLACEMENT continued if you have re-done your bathroom, and still have enough extra tiles left over, from your remodel, have them in your unit when the riser work is finished there. The selected contractorS will install ceramic tiles, ONLY. If you have glass or stone (marble, granite, etc.) tiles then, the owner will need to negotiate with the contractor for the installation. Submit an invoice and, the association will reimburse up to $995.  
  • 11.Some positives… Cleaner water Hotter water Better water pressure Shut-off valves are concealed No more sloan valve toilet noises in the middle of night!
  • 12.General information Work will be done from 8am until 5pm, Monday thru Friday Water will be shut off, on that riser throughout the workdays At the end of each day there will be water in the bathroom fixtures When the water is turned back on, it might have low pressure or be discolored, let it run a couple of minutes. The pressure may remain low throughout the duration of the project There will be a lot of noise The service elevator will be used intermittently to bring in pipes, etc. When riser is complete, the walls affected will be patched and prime coated
  • 13.Time line (using the term loosely) The contractor will start removing the wall sections from the top floor down, on Wednesday, February 20. Soon after, the plumbers will follow them. the plumbing and construction will take approximately 4 weeks This estimation does not include any tile replacement
  • 14.How to prepare Provide a copy of your unit key. Not providing a key is not an option If you do not have a duplicate key – have one made All keys will be kept until after that riser is complete – you may not pick them at the end of each day Keys will be kept in the management office
  • 15.How to prepare - continued Plumbers and contractors will be coming in and out of your units throughout the project If you have pets - who want to bolt out the front door - put them behind a closed door or gate Put a post-it note on your door saying how many and what type of animals that you have, that are ambulatory Cover the furniture in the area where work is being done
  • 16.How to prepare - continued All of these ‘Housekeeping’ items should remain, in place, for the duration of the project Remove items in and on your vanity cabinets Remove everything in the shower/tub that is on the plumbing wall (shampoo caddy etc.) Remove everything on or around your toilet
  • 17.How to prepare - continued move any over-the-toilet storage units or artwork from the plumbing wall Clean out medicine cabinet Clear a 42” wide path from your entry door to your bathroom
  • 18.After… When the plumbers and contractors are finished in your unit- the demolished walls will be patched and prime coated. If your tile was removed, The association will not be responsible for scheduling/coordinating the tile work. Only you know what your schedule is. Because of so many unexpected delays, we don’t recommend you reaching out to a contractor until all of the work is complete.
  • 19.After, continued… two contractors who are reasonably priced and have been working in the building, throughout the project are Ratko nikolic 773-330-3058 Oscar Ramirez 773-971-8987
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