WIN WIN How Fiscal Services, Athletics & Student Life

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  • 1.WIN-WIN: How Fiscal Services, Athletics & Student Life Work Effectively Together to Achieve Student Success Sean Cooke, Director of Student Life – Puyallup Cameron Cox, Director of Student Life Fort Steilacoom Duncan Stevenson, Director of District Athletics
  • 2.What is Student Engagement? Student engagement represents the time and effort students devote to activities empirically linked to the intended outcomes of college and what institutions do to both provide these activities and induce students to participate in them (Kuh,2009).
  • 3.Student Engagement = Student Success Student engagement is generally considered to be among the better predictors of learning and personal development (Carini, Kuh, & Klein, 2006). Student involvement in co-curricular activities such as student organizations, leadership positions, and activity in campus residence halls has a positive correlation with retention and academics (Kuh and Pike, 2005).
  • 4.How do we do it? Activities and Events Clubs and Organizations Student Government Committee Participation Alternative Breaks Other Leadership Programs: Identity Culture and Inclusion Cert., Multicultural Leadership Institute, etc.
  • 5.Activities and Events Often planned by a group of student leaders Great opportunity to meet and interact with other students/build relationships Exposure to new ideas that may challenge their worldview and promote development Events and promotion efforts are constantly evolving to meet new trends and attract student participants. How can we say YES!
  • 6.Clubs and Organizations Amazing student leadership experiences Create campus communities that can provide vital support to students throughout their time at the college Fundraising! Yay. Outside-the-box events and activities We do everything we can to say YES!
  • 7.Student Government/Council Amazing leadership experience for students involved Manage the allocation of S&A Funds, Tech Fee Funds, etc. as well as contingency funds. Initiatives often push into unexplored territory, which is often challenging. What can we do to say Yes?
  • 8.Student Funds and Fees Services and Activities Fees, Student Tech Fee, Etc. Lots of money for lots of stuff going lots of places. Who ensures that proposed projects are viable? How is money managed after allocation?
  • 9.Connections:Finance, Student Life, & Athletics Budget training with Student Leaders & Staff Participate on committees Internships for students in your office? Provide context AND listen for context
  • 11.Who We Are Athletic Directors Longevity (7 months to 31 years) 11 year average B.A. in Journalism to M.A. Education How we started Coach (15) AD (9) Head Coaches Less than 1 in 5 are full time employees (18%)
  • 12.What We Do Manage program operating budgets Special events management Fundraising Compliance, Eligibility & Risk Management Academic monitoring and support Hire, train and evaluate coaching staff Federal and State reporting requirements Alumni relations
  • 13.About our Operating Budgets Student Fees – S&A / 522 Institutional Funding Foundation Booster Club Fundraising Activities More Fundraising….
  • 14.How Can We Help Each Other Build rapport between offices Understand why we do what we do Help us understand the local rules & processes Give us the tools to be better budget managers Improved communication and empathy builds TRUST Finding a way to “YES”
  • 15.Why We Do It WIN-WIN!