London Kids Preschool, Playschool in Jaipur


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  • 1.London Kids Preschool in Jaipur
  • 2.London Kids Preschool is a preschool in Jaipur, India. Our Preschool provides quality education to children in the age group of 1-6 years. It has been started with the sole objective of providing care, protection, and an enriching learning environment for the children in Jaipur. Preschool offers fun activities and a structured curriculum to ensure that your child's first academic years are happy and productive. About Us
  • 3.Creative Focus on each & every Child Implementing best practical learning Methods Smart Teaching Approach Focusing on Child Care & Happiness Implementing Montessori Methodology UK Based Curriculum
  • 4.Learning digitally caters Child Curiosity Children Develop Emotional & Social Skills Has a powerful impact on children’s behavior In practice, child is more motivated to learn Kids learn topics more easily with better insights Digital Learning
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  • 6.Center Head Name: London Kids Address: 190/238, Sector-19, Pratap Nagar, Near Saranmata Temple,Jaipur-302033 Contact Mobile No.: 9140843313, 9115032467 Contact Email Id.: Contact Us