Welcome, Speech Orientation, Stoa…, “… trains Christian, homeschooled youth in speech and debate

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  • 1.Welcome Speech Orientation
  • 2.Stoa… “… trains Christian, homeschooled youth in speech and debate, in order to better communicate a biblical worldview.”
  • 3.Students… 12 – 18 years of age From multiple states Compete in multiple events including debate Improve communication skills Develop friendships Desire to impact their culture
  • 4.Judges… Everyone is experienced! May be multiple judges in the room Set aside personal bias and expertise Be responsive! No discussion with speakers No consultation with one another
  • 5.The setting… Turn off cell phones Sit front and center Wait for all judges before starting round Stay until every competitor has presented Write on ballots after each speech with a blue or black ink pen Competitors may speak out of listed order Audience members may come and go
  • 6.The events… INTERPRETIVE Dramatic Humorous Open Duo
  • 7.A prepared speech, written by the competitor with the purpose of informing, exposing, entertaining, inspiring, or persuading on a topic. Memorized PLATFORM
  • 8.Wide open Persuasive Elements Visualsand Props
  • 9.Author and Title identified Memorized In all interpretive events, competitors write, or select and analyze literature, then bring it to life through the creative use of voice, movement, and facial expression without the use of costumes or props.
  • 10.2 speakers = 1 speech May be written by student Light-hearted Serious or Light-hearted Multiple pieces allowed Serious No direct contact
  • 11.Spontaneously prepared Varied time limits Copy of topics/questions provided Chosen topic stated by student Timekeeper provided Competitors get a limited time to prepare for a speech on a topic that is given to them at the speech event. Preparation before the tournament is described in the event rules. LIMITED PREP
  • 12. Current event question answered 30 minutes of prep time (in a separate room) 7 minute speech One 3 x 5 card allowed LIMITED PREP Apologetics Mars Hill Extemp
  • 13.Addresses the appeal & impact of cultural media to find common ground with biblical truths in 7 categories 4 minutes to prepare 6 minute speech May use a notebook of research to prepare May use one note card during speech LIMITED PREP Extemp Apologetics Mars Hill
  • 14. Identifies shared human experience Explains the significance of the topic Conversational tone of speaking LIMITED PREP Extemp Apologetics Mars Hill
  • 15.100 questions in 6 categories 4 minutes to prepare a 6 minute speech May use researched card file and a Bible to prepare Multiple note cards allowed in presentation LIMITED PREP Extemp Mars Hill Apologetics
  • 16.. . . always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect. 1 Peter 3:15 (ESV) Apologia: to give an explanation or defense LIMITED PREP Extemp Mars Hill Apologetics Apologetics is a unique event; Content is Key
  • 17.Apologetics is a thoughtful, intellectual, analysis of a question of faith or doctrine. Apologetics communicates a rational basis for faith and theological truth to others. Apologetics may or may not be an evangelistic opportunity LIMITED PREP Extemp Mars Hill Apologetics
  • 18.Judges should be in agreement with the Stoa Statement of Faith. (copy available at end of slides) The speaker should craft the speech in a persuasive manner using: Scripture Outside sources LIMITED PREP Extemp Mars Hill Apologetics
  • 19.2 minutes prep No time limit – set script Focus is on voice presentation
  • 20.Thoughts or voice from a single persona Dramatic or Humorous Well defined course of thought
  • 21.Tabulation Ballot: Rank Ballots… Two Types: Student Ballots: Report and Educate Check for conflicts
  • 22.Please read rules on reverse side Tabulation ballot is not seen by students Tabulation Ballot…
  • 23.Copy speaker, room, and round from Tab Ballot (Please use dark ink) Judge = you! Jot down topic Duration = length of speech and considered a ballot criteria No minimum time limits Student Ballot…
  • 24.The numbers are not used by the tournament to determine points or rank. Student Ballot… Using Rules and Ballot Criteria: Rate the student’s performance on “Evaluate” scale.
  • 25.Student Ballot… In Comments section: Report what you saw Educate student: what worked what didn’t Reminder: Time between speakers is limited.
  • 26.Note any violations Penalties
  • 27.Ranking Stacking ballots to order speakers Ben Franklin Set ranking without penalties considered Marie Curie Mark Twain
  • 28.Mark Twain Alexander Hamilton Harriett Tubman Ronald Reagan Marie Curie Martin Luther King Jr. Queen Esther Benjamin Franklin Tab Ballot… Using criteria on rules and ballots Order speakers from 1st to last Add penalty points NOTE: There can be no ties Mark Twain Alexander Hamilton Harriett Tubman Ronald Reagan Marie Curie Martin Luther King Jr. Queen Esther Benjamin Franklin Demolition Neon Lights Railroad Ties Living the Dream Savings Plan The Time Is Now Keys To Success Cave Tours 1 7 3 2 4 6 8 5 See Ballot Return to complete 1 No penalty – Carry forward to Final Rank 1 7 3 2 4 6 8 5
  • 29.Complete Comments- Something done well Something needing improvement Circle Individual Rank For ranks 5-8 Circle 5th and Below Reason for ranking- Compared to others in round Educate…
  • 30.After you have heard all the speakers… Go immediately to the Ballot Return room Do not confer with others Questions? Ask the Orientation Staff by Ballot Return
  • 31.Ballot is complete… Turn in to ballot return Wait for ballots to be reviewed Judge an event only once
  • 32.For investing your time in these students! Thank you!
  • 33.There is one God eternally existing in three persons: the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. Man is sinful and therefore separated from God, who is holy and perfect. Jesus Christ paid the eternal penalties for our sin through His death on the cross. Jesus Christ also resurrected bodily and ascended into heaven and will return one day to fulfill His kingdom. Only through Jesus Christ and the grace of His provision of salvation, may we be saved from eternal punishment, enter into God’s family and receive eternal life. The Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible and authoritative Word of God and the truth for Christian faith and practice. Stoa Statement of Faith