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  • 1.Moray Eels Ricky Mendez, Cynthia Palacios, Johnny Tirado
  • 2.What Are Moray Eels? A Moray Eel is a type of fish. A Moray Eel is a sea creature that is shaped like the body of a snake
  • 3.How Do Moray Eels Eat? Moray eels are sometimes fed by a marine biologist that knocks on the rocks to call them The eels hide and wait for small fish so the eels could eat the fish
  • 4.Where Do Moray Eels Live? Moray eels live in the ocean under the rocky shore
  • 5.How do moray eels travel? Some Eels travel except Moray Eels.
  • 6.What do Moray Eels do for fun? Moray eels eat for fun Moray eels sleep for fun
  • 7.Where do Moray Eels live ? Moray Eels live under the the rocks in the ocean. Moray Eels live in salty, cold water.
  • 8.What kind of sea eels are dangerous? Moray eels and electric eels are the most dangerous predators
  • 9.What do Moray Eels eat? Moray Eels eat anchovies
  • 10.What Kills Moray Eels fishermen sharks
  • 11.We give thanks to: Ms. Olson Mr. Klubock Ms. Cox Nancy Duran Lynn Whitley USC Mr. Gonzalez Ms. Stine Ms. Trochez Mr. Brown-Hiegel Judy Doino