The Politics of Begging for Money

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  • 1.8-4: Fiscal Federalism
  • 2.Big Idea: Constitutionalism
  • 3.Enduring Understanding: Federalism reflects the dynamic distribution of power between national and state governments.
  • 4.Learning Objective: Explain how societal needs affect the constitutional allocation of power between the national and state governments.
  • 5.Intergovernmental Relations Dual Federalism National and state governments remain supreme within their own spheres Cooperative Federalism National and state governments work together to complete projects
  • 6.
  • 7.Fiscal Federalism Refers to pattern of taxing, spending, and providing grants in the federal system Always cooperative Revenue sharing Grants-in-aid Categorical Specific, clearly defined purpose States must comply with regulations Block States have discretion
  • 8.Fiscal Federalism Overview Mandates Rule telling states what they must do to comply with federal guidelines May be funded, underfunded, or unfunded Regardless, states must comply with mandates Often viewed as an unfair, expensive imposition on state governments, even if they agree with the mandate