Myths and Facts about MBBS abroad


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  • 1.Myths and Facts about MBBS Abroad
  • 2.MBBS Abroad For students from all parts of the world especially in India, pursuing and completing an MBBS degree is a prestigious thing in itself. But because of the limited seats, not every student can get admission in government authorized medical colleges. So, the students remain with two options either they can take admission in a private medical college in India where the fee is ridiculously high or they can choose MBBS abroad with an affordable budget. When it comes to applying for MBBS abroad, the numbers of choices are abundant. Students can select universities as per their requirements and budget. Most of the medical universities abroad do not even require an entrance examination.
  • 3.Myths V/S Facts #MYTH 1: It Costs A Lot of Money! FACT - People believe that MBBS abroad is too expensive and out of their reach when considered in terms of finance. That is, however, not true. You will find the various affordable medical universities that will help assure you that it's not that expensive. The cost of the MBBS degree abroad depends on the city, country and university you choose. Various universities now provide financial aid and scholarships to students for MBBS abroad.
  • 4.#MYTH 2: Language Barrier in Abroad FACT- Most of the top universities abroad have the English language as the medium of education. But before applying abroad, keep a check on the language followed by the university. At the starting you will find it difficult but it’s not a big problem before commencing your course, start listening English audio that will help you to understand foreign language accents and speech modulation
  • 5.#MYTH 3: Studying Abroad is Unsafe for Indian Student FACT- There is a fear among parents about sending their children far away from them in a new place to study abroad. There are many bad incidences all across the world like ragging, religion issue, and many more. Many reputed foreign universities provide a safe environment for their students.
  • 6. #MYTH 4 :Studying there is all about Party and Fun FACT - International students get enough opportunity to have fun in any foreign country but studying MBBS abroad is not all about having fun all the time. Foreign universities have strict rules and regulations regarding attendance and grades. Students also need to participate in group activities and projects to show their skills because the score will ensure that you get the best internship and job offers.
  • 7.#MYTH 5: Less chances to practice medicine in India FACT- As the top priority of Indian students studying MBBS abroad is to practice medicine in India, most medical universities abroad arrange FMGE/NExT coaching by renowned Indian doctors and professors for Indian MBBS students. Therefore, such students have the chance to return to India, appear for the exam, clear it, and get a license to practice medicine in India.
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