Pixel assembly tooling, Liam (Thanks to Kirk), Base system, will

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  • 1.Pixel module assembly tooling Liam (Thanks to Kirk)
  • 2.Base system, will need two versions: one for glue application one for positioning the flex on the quad Linear slide Head clamp Vacuum base for holding chucks in place Vacuum stub for base Each chuck, quad, flex, flex pickup and glue, also has a vacuum fitting Alignment dowels Will also have micrometers for aligning flex to module
  • 3.Weight for flex gluing
  • 4.Larger holes for frame area smaller holes for Flex body area Cutout for the connector Shim for positioning made from 50mm stainless
  • 5.
  • 6.Cutouts for components (heaters in this case) Channel 0.5 mm from the edge of the flex 0.2 mm wide Vacuum holes for the frame and the tab
  • 7.
  • 8.Cutout for connector Vacuum hole pattern for each chip Alignment of quad on chuck allows for thinner chips
  • 9.Glue stamper head with rubber stamp held on by vacuum Glue reservoir on the base Applying glue to the stamp head
  • 10.Quad vacuum chuck with quad placed on the glue stamping unit Located using dowels and vacuumed in place.
  • 11.Glue pattern needs to be optimised will probably need several trials
  • 12.
  • 13.Flex is on the quad at this point we can either leave at room temp to cure or heat to accelerate curing
  • 14.In addition to the straight forward apply and leave there is the option to release the top chuck and reposition slightly