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  • 4.Supernova V.4 X LED Headlights - The best and brightest! Our LED headlights / fog lights are crazy bright rated for 9000 Lumen! Along with the increased brightness, you'll love the modern 6000K color temperature of these bulbs to set off your car or truck. In order to achieve the best beam pattern for your new LED Headlights, our V.4 X LED Headlights have an adjustable base on most models, which allows you to find that perfect position for the best beam pattern whether it be in low beams, high beams, or fog lights.
  • 5.With newer vehicles monitoring your headlights via the CANBUS system, inferior LEDs will flicker and cause bulb-out errors on your dashboard. We've designed the Supernova V.4 X headlights with integrated CANBUS Decoders to prevent these issues. These have been tested specifically on Ford, Dodge, RAM, Jeep, Chrysler, and GM vehicles. 4 Year Warranty We only manufacture the highest quality LEDs using the best LED chips and quality components. But should anything go wrong, we've got you covered with a No-Hassle 4-year warranty on your LEDs. Supernova V.4 Series Comparison
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  • 7.Supernova LEDs - YouTube You Can Watch Our Videos for more information. How to adjust the Supernova V.4 X on a Wrangler JK for better lighting than stock Supernova V.4 X Product Tour - Unboxing and Features Video Supernova V.4 X - JL Wrangler / Gladiator LED Headlight Installation - High + Low Beams
  • 8.Wrangler JK /JL Supernova V.4 X LED Headlight Install Why Supernova LEDs? - Why us over all other LED companies? Supernova LEDs V.4 Headlights - 2016 RAM 1500 What's the Easiest way to find LEDs for your Car - Supernova Supernova LEDs - Daytime Running Light LEDs - DRL LEDs!
  • 9.Contact Us Name: Supernova LEDs Website: Headquarters: 5412 Staghorn Ct, Mc Kinney, Texas, 75071, United States Who makes the Supernova V.4, V.4 X, and V.4 PerfectFit LEDs? Color Changing LEDs - App Controlled