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  • 1. Log In ENROL We provide you with ADHD specikc, proven strategies that actually work for people with ADHD. Imagine if you could access a transformational program that covers everything you need to know about how to overcome the symptoms of ADHD from your own home? The Thriving with ADHD Crash Course is just what you’re looking for. When you sign up to our programs, you get instant access to the tools you need to: Optimise Productivity Time management Ability to stay on task Motivation Planning Organisation Reduce Impulsivity Hyperactivity Forgetfulness Motivation Sensory and emotional challenges of ADHD 1. START MAKING CHANGES IMMEDIATELY 2. GAIN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE ABOUT OUR SERVICES CONTACT
  • 2. Stop feeling so overwhelmed with the demands of day to day life More success in your career, and less seemingly careless mistakes Healthier, happier relationships, and stop the challenges of ADHD from hurting the people you care about The strategies that work for other people, just don’t work for people with ADHD. When ADHD isn’t managed correctly, you need to put in so much more effort than everyone else just to stay afloat. You’re doing the best you can, but it’s not enough. Deadlines are missed. Your loved ones are hurt. You’re not achieving your potential, and you’re told you need to try harder. You wonder why you’re like this. Sound familiar? A lot of the most influential people in history have overcome the challenges of ADHD to achieve an extraordinary amount of success. Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Richard Branson and Thomas Edison to name a few… These people used their unique ADHD brain to their advantage. But, there are certain criteria that need to be met to thrive with ADHD. Use of punishments and other incorrect approaches impact the nervous system in a way that can make ADHD symptoms worse. We teach you how to communicate in a way that a person with ADHD will listen. Medical
  • 3.investigations prove that people with ADHD have an under stimulation of the reward centres and motivation centres in their brain. The symptoms of ADHD are not a choice or a reflection of willpower. They’re symptoms of a neurological condition. The average adult with ADHD loses more than 21 days every year in wasted productivity. Let’s change that. It’s time to create lasting change and long term improvements to your success, relationships and future. Our programs support you to create lasting change. We equip you with ADHD specikc strategies that are easy to implement, practical, and actually work. What does this mean?  You have happier relationships  You have better productivity  You more free time for what matters most  You feel more in control  You achieve your potential RECEIVING THE DIAGNOSIS CAN BE OVERWHELMING, BUT IT’S A REALLY POSITIVE STEP TOWARDS A BRIGHT FUTURE.
  • 4.ENROL NOW Frequently Asked Questions  How is The OT For ADHD different from other ADHD coaching support providers?  What supports are available?  What is the most cost effective program available?  Do I need a referral? We provide the most up to date, evidence based strategies that actually work for ADHD.    Copyright © 2021 OT for ADHD Our services Thriving With ADHD Crash Course Individual therapy sessions for adults with ADHD Therapy children for parents and children with ADHD PRIVACY POLICY Therapy sessions for couples where one or both people have TERMS & CONDITIONS ADHD Group programs