Intranet implementation in the company - the most important aspects


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  • 1.Intranet implementation in the company - the most important aspects Ideo - eCommerce Software House The presentation was prepared by Katarzyna Pezdan.
  • 2.The basis is a well-structured process of intranet design and implementation. Intranet implementation in the company How to do it properly? The technical adaptation of the intranet and the sociological preparation of employees are also important.
  • 3.Intranet implementation process . 1. Pre-implementation analysis. 4. Establishing an intranet promotion strategy within a company. 5. Launching a portal. 2. Recognition of the client's needs. 3. Designing of system. . 6. Monitoring and development of the system. Main steps Check online
  • 4.Create a map of empathy To create it, you need to answer these questions In the first stage, you need to know the expectations and requirements of the client and the entire organization in which the intranet will be implemented. To do that You need to create a map of empathy and rating of the communication in company.
  • 5.Rating of the communication in company To create it, you need to answer these questions
  • 6.User centric research User and system research System research (site centric) As a source of information
  • 7.Running an intranet 1. Ground – Regularity Are the tools regularly used and promoted? Do you have a defined regularity in the context of the message? What does regularity in communication look like? Are communication processes written down and used regularly in the company? 2. Ground – Transparency Do employees know the communication tools and who is responsible for them? Is the message clearly and openly communicated, honestly discussed? Do employees honestly share information and knowledge? Is the implementation and operation process understandable, clear and open? 3. Ground – Trust Do employees believe that the tool is working properly and supports their work? Do they know that they will be informed when the need arises? Will the message be complete and honest? Is the communication process well thought out and working properly? 3 main foundations Check online
  • 8.3 levels of communication Top-down Bottom-up Horizontal communication Communication of employees at higher positions, towards employees at lower levels. Communication of employees to people holding managerial positions. Communication between employees working in similar positions (also between departments). To improve the operation of the intranet system
  • 9.Methods of encouraging to using the intranet Levels: badges, rankings, points. Rewarding: giveaways, discounts. Giving control: function of moderator, editor. Status Staff Power Privileges: Access to features, available only within an intranet. Access Examples, shown in categories
  • 10.Optimal method for creating and maintaining an intranet Own IT department or external company? Check online
  • 11. Indications based on an interview with Artur Wichliński Director of the Technology and Operations Division of the Bank Spółdzielczy. Integration to optimize functionality Automation of activities Teamwork Base - UX Efficient and useful intranet Based on the exemple Check online
  • 12. . Experienced team and years of work or ... However, after implementation, even one person can run and maintain an intranet, without specialist knowledge! To sum up: Due to profitability, it is worth using ready-made solutions and the help of specialists. However, in the case of maintaining the intranet alone, it can be done by one person, without specialist knowledge. „It's impossible to make a well-functioning intranet with just one person.” . . “However, it isn't like we do absolutely everything ourselves, because it doesn't make sense. We also use ready-made solutions. All activities must be translated into business - it just has to pay off " In the discussed case, it consisted of 3 developers and 8 engineers. Therefore, in many cases help of an external company is just cost-effective.
  • 13.Integrations are the key to best functionality In this way, you can adapt the platform to changing conditions. Here are some options: Electronic Document Workflow Chatbots and interactive notes Help Desk Submissions system Knowledge base And more… As the organization grows, it is also possible to expand the intranet functionality Check online
  • 14.Automation of activities on the intranet The e-book describes an example of how the Internet can improve your work. „With the use of (rather simple) application, it is possible to automate other areas of business,”. For instance, of the Management Board Office. For each meeting, this department has to prepare a list of matters to be discussed. An employee of Bank Headquarters or Facility who needs a written consent of the Management Board does not swamp them with documents but performs this action electronically. Automation is possible, among others thanks to the above-mentioned integrations
  • 15.Proper UX guarantees an effective intranet While building UX, You need to use simple language so that the user wouldn't overwhelmed by the amount of information. In this case, the Document Workflow is particularly helpful. This integration makes it easier to manage and use the intranet. „What our users say to us is also important. They are the ones who force changes in the ecosystem”
  • 16.Always remember that any business can develop and grow rapidly. In that case, the company must be ready to guarantee consistent and efficient communication to all of employees, which increases their efficiency. A way to deal with unpredictable changes? - Intranet In the presented example, when there was a need to introduce remote work in the company - the employees and the system itself were already prepared for it many years earlier. The bank operated normally thanks to solutions that had already been developed. In this way, the continuity of work was maintained. Conscious preparation of technology „The business environment is changing, and the agility of an organization is how it adapts to these changes.” To a changing company
  • 17.Extensive analyst in running an intranet Access to the data: number of users, including the number of returning users, the frequency of return of users, the content they have read the average duration of a visit to an intranet website, the so-called website stickiness, the length and width of the visit, conversion rates, the behavior of a user compared to the average (maybe this person has a problem in a place where others do not have it and requires individual training). Especially in cooperation with additional analytical tools
  • 18.Analytics - adaptation to changing requirements It gives access to information about: Components that are properly optimized. Which data is most important to employees. Elements that need to be changed, improved. Which data need to be added (based on your searches). "Quantitative research is extremely important to ensuring the long-term success of the intranet, but only if it is factually confirmed, not opinions - that is mean resulting from the statistics of intranet use." Extensive analytics help to optimize the intranet functionality
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