How safe is Ivermectin 12mg for COVID-19 treatment


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  • 1.How safe is Ivermectin 12mg for COVID-19 treatment? These mediciation is an FDA-approved medication that is classified as an antiparasitic drug. The medicine is taken into use for treating various kinds of parasitic infections such as for scabies, roundworms. strongyloidiasis, onchocerciasis, and other such parasitic conditions. Ivermectin is said to be an anthelmintic medication. It also treats infections that target eyes, skin and intestines. Time and time again, The medicine has proved itself to be a life-saving medication in combating severe parasitic infections that endanger life.
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  • 3.What are some side effects of Ivermectin 12 mg? One may experience certain side effects with Ivermectin administration as one usually experiences with any other prescription medicine. The most common side effects are dizziness, irregular blood pressure, skin rash, sweling, diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea. Most of these adverse effects fade with time.
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