Employee Engagement Plan


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  • 2.Content / Activities on spreading JIVA Values, VisionAudience: All Employees Objective: Awareness of JIVA Values and Vision 
  • 3.Content / Activities on spreading JIVA Values, Vision Share success stories that align with the Company Values and Vision: Employees who contributed in achieving company goals along with their individual growth, stories of employees can be shared with all staff.   Frequency: 2 stories/ month.   Medium: Interview of selected employees and questions can be asked on JIVAs Vision and Values and their personal goals and values, how it then contributed to overall achievement. Questionnaire can also be made and sent out to the selected employees, post which stories/ pieces can be written on the same.
  • 4.Content / Activities on spreading JIVA Values, Vision Quiz on JIVA Values and Vision: Questions on the Company and its values can be asked in Small Clusters and in engagement sessions.   Frequency: 4 sessions/ month. Along with the engagement session, a small quiz for the same.   Medium: First 15 minutes of the engagement sessions, a quiz for the same will be conducted with the participants Make a video: Take a few sets of employees and make them answer questions on the Values and Vision of JIVA.   Frequency: One Video/ Month.   Medium: Take 7-8 employees and orient them about JIVAs Values and Vision. Plan for a session and take their interview on a call and accumulate all the videos, and create one single video. Publish it on the main page of Keka and mail it to all employees, for everyone to see. Make announcements on the same beforehand.  
  • 5.Content / Activities on spreading JIVA Values, Vision JIVA Values and Vision on Newsletter: Make a front page mentioning JIVAs Values and Vision in the Newsletter.  Talk by the Management on the Vision/ Values of JIVA: It will be very motivating for the employees to get to know why they are following the company values and vision.   Frequency: One/month. Can be once a month or any session, any time depending on their availability. 30- 45 minutes/ session.   Medium: Need to talk to the management about it. A Topic can be assigned for the same and time can be requested likewise.  
  • 6.Activities or content on avoiding the spread of internal rumors  Audience: All Employees  Objective: Internal Rumors tend to demotivate the employees and take a toll on their productivity. They are more engaged in the Internal rumors and treat other employees likewise. 
  • 7.Activities or content on avoiding the spread of internal rumors  Dumb charades – Can be part of team activity  Use: After playing the game, the importance of communication and how each person interprets things differently can be mentioned to the employees. Awareness of Internal Rumors can be given likewise.    Post on Rumors and its affect can be rolled out every week  Examples:   Establishing a two-way communication channel is critical. Make sure that you have transparency and clarity in your communication.    When your colleagues trust you, they will share everything with you. That even includes gossip and dealing with rumors. That is why it is important for us to focus on building trust with our employees and colleagues.   How to identify a rumour 
  • 8.Activities or content on avoiding the spread of internal rumors  Surveys / One on One session with all employees: The reason for Internal rumors is mostly because people are feeling suffocated and pressurized in the organization. To vent out their feelings and to keep their anonymity, Surveys can be conducted in the overall company via email and feedback forms about how are they feeling working in the company and what changes would they like.    Frequency: 1/ month.   Ask me Anything Session with Managers: A 15 minutes session can be conducted with the managers or the management to air out any confusion/ rumor that the employees might have.   Frequency: Depends on the availability of the Managers.
  • 9.Activities or content on avoiding the spread of internal rumors  Ask anonymous questions: There are plenty of sites wherein anonymous texts can be sent to a person. A link can be created and sent to all employees, wherein employees can ask/ say their problems.   Use: The account will be handled by the HR Team and responses will be published/ sent to a particular person only when found legitimate.   Activity: Make a chain and the moderator of the engagement activity will tell something to Person No. 1 and the Person No. 1 needs to say the same to the next person. The same line goes on to the last person.   It is mostly seen that the sentence said to the first person and the last person varies a lot, which is why the importance of communication and the denial of Internal Communication can be highlighted in the same manner through engagement activities.  
  • 10.Questionnaire to talk to senior employees  Audience: Senior Employees, Employees with 10+ years of experience with JIVA.   Objective: To take away the monotony of work and to feel special in the way of work for the senior managers and people who have been working in JIVA for a long time.  
  • 11.Questionnaire to talk to senior employees  What are some skills you still want to learn?  What traits should a good manager possess?  What can employees learn from you?  How do you handle work/life balance?  Can you describe your decision-making style?  How would you communicate with a remote team?  As a leader, how do you deal with difficult colleagues?  What would you consider the most significant accomplishment of your career?  What is your viewpoint about JIVA and the work culture here?   How have you mentored an employee to help them achieve their goals in the workplace? 
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