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  • 1.The Duality of Light Particular and Wavelike Kristine Lister
  • 2.Early Findings 1670’s Christian Huygens: points on a wave as new sources Isaac Newton: corpuscular theory
  • 3.Young’s Double Slit Diffraction
  • 4.Late 1800’s to Early 1900’s James Clerk Maxwell: light is electromagnetic Max Planck: spectrum of light emitted by a glowing object Einstein looked at the photoelectric effect
  • 5.Photoelectric Effect Light will hit a material and shed electrons which induce a current
  • 6.Photons Discrete quanta (packets) of energy with particular qualities E = hf Photoelectric effect: E = hf – φ Einstein wins Nobel prize in 1921
  • Broglie Wavelength All matter moved as waves λ= ℎ 𝑝 1929 Nobel Prize Thomson and Davisson experiment with electron diffraction patterns 1937 Nobel Prize
  • 8.Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Developed from de Broglie’s hypothesis ΔxΔp ≥ ħ 2
  • 9.Today Developed from de Broglie’s hypothesis ΔxΔp ≥ ħ 2 Wave Function (Ѱ) Quantum state of a particle over time Ex: Schrodinger equation Compton Wavelength Electron collide and sheds a photon Δλ = ℎ 𝑚 𝑒 𝑐 (1 - cosϴ)