Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi - Allahabad


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  • 1.Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi / Allahabad UPSC CSE is a tough choice, it’s tougher if you don’t have any guidance. Taking into account the array of choices one is provided with, Delhi has an edge over Allahabad when it comes to UPSC CSE preparation. Considering the faculty, the teaching style, the study material, and the competitive environment, Eden IAS stands out to be the best UPSC coaching in Delhi. This very coaching institute is located in Karol Bagh and extends a variety of courses including foundational, essay, ethics, and optional courses. One of the finest courses provided by Eden IAS is the 1-year foundation course by the name “Utkarsh”. It is your one-step solution to success in the UPSC CSE. The course enables its enrolled students to have a double-pronged preparation strategy. Syllabus coverage with Utkarsh - the best UPSC coaching in Delhi In the very first phase of the best UPSC coaching in Delhi, detailed syllabus coverage happens. Eden IAS - the best UPSC coaching in Delhi makes the students cover the entire syllabus in 10 months. Yes, you read it right! 10 months! They teach you in such a manner that even if you don’t have a background in the subject, you won’t be blank in the class. Current affairs are covered simultaneously. Eden IAS has this compilation of Indian affairs that is crisp as well as comprehensive. CSAT mnemonics are embedded in your brain through fun and interactive lectures that you become pretty confident when you appear for a question during the CSAT exam. They keep an eye on you by giving you daily homework, not letting you miss lectures and tests, and making sure that you are making proper notes in class. Proper stringency and a disciplined code of conduct is followed so that you don’t deviate from your preparation journey.
  • 2.Targetted revision with Utkarsh - the best UPSC coaching in Delhi Next comes targeted revision. Eden IAS strongly believes that "completing the syllabus is not enough". As a result, an 8-month extension is imposed on this course with the objective of whole-sole targeted revision. 3 months are devoted to both Prelims and Mains coupled with current affairs updation. Targeted revision for Mains includes advance answer writing with the objective of scoring well. For Mains, special classes on Ethics, essays, union budget, mapping, and current affairs are held. The best UPSC coaching in Delhi extends an Interview Guidance Program (IGP) wherein aspirants are trained on how to fill their Detailed Application Form (DAF) properly followed by numerous mock interviews. After this, students undergo a series of mock tests. "The more they practice, the better they score'', this is what Eden, the best UPSC coaching in Delhi believes in. While others are busy in covering the syllabus, you have completed a circle of revision. Isn't that amazing? If an aspirant follows this strategy, his/her chances of making it to the merit list increase by a whopping 36%. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your seat at Eden IAS civil services coaching now!