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  • 1.Know more about MTP Kit 28-07-2023 1
  • 2.What is MTP Kit and why use it? Buy MTP Kit online as the well known home pregnancy termination It lend a helping hand to terminate pregnancy with medical abortion process at home by self-administration. 28-07-2023 2
  • 3.COMPOSITION Buy Cheap Abortion Pills Online which accommodate Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit combo. It has set of 5 pills 1 pill of Mifepristone 200mg 4 pills of Misoprostol 200mcg. 28-07-2023 3
  • 4.How to Take MTP Kit For pregnancy termination? Each pill has different administration way. Order Mifepristone online which must have to take orally with glass of water after having meal. Purchase Misoprostol online that can be taken buccally or vaginally as per your choice. 28-07-2023 4
  • 5.How to take Mifepristone Abortion Pill? 28-07-2023 5
  • 6.28-07-2023 6 You can purchase Mifeprex online for termination of pregnancy, which must have taken as primary medicine. Take it with a glass of water after having a meal. This medicine must be administrated orally.
  • 7.How to take Misoprostol Abortion Pill? 28-07-2023 7
  • 8.28-07-2023 8 Purchase Cytotec Online USA which can be taken buccally or vaginally as per your choice. Each administration way has a different method to take.
  • 9.Buccally administration Take 2-2 medicine at a time with 24-hour gap. Put 2 Cytotec pills Between your left cheek and gum. Don’t crash or chew it. Allow to dissolve completely. Put for 30 minutes in the mouth. If after completing 30 minutes Cytotec pill is remains, then intake it with a glass of water. 28-07-2023 9
  • 10.Vaginal administration Put all 4 pills at a time in a sequence in the vagina 28-07-2023 10
  • 11.When to use it? You can order MTP Kit online for pregnancy termination within 9 weeks of gestation. It show 95-97% effectiveness if you aids it within 63 days of gestation. 28-07-2023 11
  • 12.Available brands MTP Kit Mifeprex kit Mifegest kit abortion kit abortion pill 28-07-2023 12
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