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  • 1.1 Agenda – 10/23/2013 Monday - Unit 25 Howard J Rattliff, Jr. – Principles of Technology - Course # 130227200 -
  • 2. Legend: Instructor Class Individuals Assignment/ Discussions SME = Subject Matter Expert
  • 3.Quiz (Q-1-2 ) Class Performance Feedback Results Graded Test & Review Test Questions and Answers in Class Compare Class Performance
  • 4.
  • 5.Class Results Vs. Q-1-1 Class Avg increased by 5.95 % to 78.71 (was 74.29) Important Diagram Name
  • 6.This is the data that is graphed using 5 columns of data ( a data series). Excel defaults to graph data vertically. Typically there is an independent and dependent variable as in y=f(x) Column Data Headers Row Data Headers
  • 7.Near-term and Long-Term Look-Ahead Upcoming schedule of tests planned:
  • 8.Assignment – Upgraded Reading and Practice Due Wed– Wed - Oct 23 for class discussion Practice Ex1.94 Pecan Grove Homeowners Assn in book ( if needed) Read Ex2.4 thru 2.13 in Book - Be prepared to discuss Inserting graphic embedded objects /pics etc in worksheets Modifying objects and pics etc Data Rights and Privacy in Handling and Using Data, Etc – Class discussion.
  • 9.Class Self-Paced Exercise Lab – Unit 22-1 Review concepts in Lab 1 as needed to refresh your skills – Concept Summary pg EX1.78 - Creating and Editing Worksheets Data Headers and Row headers/ data entry into cells Formulas and other key terms used in Excel for worksheet elements. Read and practice – Inserting and Deleting Rows and Column beginning on page EX1.48 thru EX1.50 Actually do the Step by Step Hands On exercise. Your have to manually input the data as shown in the book. Instead of printing ( Ignore print instructions! ) . Save you data to H drive with project name or id If you get through – do exercise EX1-94 – Pecan Groves Homeowners Association Merges, centering data and right and left justify data, add fill color See hint for formula +6% increase in sales (This is using Excel to make forecasts, estimates / projections !) . Excel is commonly used as a tool to make forecasts. Take notes please.
  • 10.Graphical ObjectsIn Excel
  • 11.Graphical Objects Read Ex2.4 thru 2.13 in Book - Be prepared to discuss Inserting graphic embedded objects /pics etc in worksheets Modifying objects and pics etc A graphic is non text element or object such as a drawing, a callout, or picture. It can be added to an excel document. A graphic is treated as an object (so we commonly refer to it as a graphic object). There an many types of objects and all objects are not graphic. Excel can handle many types of objects such as: apps/videos/music/animations/ etc……. File extension including graphic file types are important part of using any graphic object (pic, gif, pcx, bmp, jpg, pdf, xlxs, docx, ) Embedded objects become part of excel worksheet /workbook but must be opened using the source program (the application program that was used to create the object).
  • 12.Data Marking and Data Use and Security Handling Data in a Professional Manner- as an IT Professional !
  • 13.Data Rights and Markings/ Privacy and Security Both an ethical and a technical issue Data and information security is major issue for computers, software, social media, and personal privacy advocates. Privacy Is built into our constitution. A keystone principle. A tough balancing act since the advent of computers and technology Storage, data, computers, bandwidth (the internet, satellites), cameras and software etc are all cheap. Big Data is a term used by industry to refer to the tera-bytes of data that exist and that is being generate continuously and on demand. Big Data – large databases, video, national collection systems, satellite and intel information sources, social media system applications such as facebook (one account where a large number of people can be searched)
  • 14.Data Rights and Markings/ Privacy and Security Software Copyrights and Data Marking Copyright is a form of protection granted by the laws of the United States for original works of authorship. includes: literary, dramatic, musical, architectural, cartographic, choreographic, pantomimic, pictorial, graphic, sculptural, and audiovisual creations. “Copyright” literally means the right to copy. Software is included and protected under US Copyright Laws. Classified in business world as “Intellectual Property” Copyright concept originated in England (18th century) For Software, Copyright laws applies to: Object code, source code listings, documentation. Software Object code (aka Micro-code)– The computer executable version of a computer program the runs on the computer . Sometimes referred to as machine language i.e. ( 1’s and 0’s ) digits. Software Source code – the computer program in human-readable form
  • 15.Preparing a computer program – All Element Affected by Copyrights Design Stage - purpose or goal , flow chart of key steps (expected inputs and the desired outputs), storage values and the calculations Complex computer programs are know as systems. The more complex the program the more complex the design stage. Coding stage – writing the code. Uses source code languages (simliar to English but uses Syntax for commands and a command library of words that will be recognized as commands) Compiling Stage – a translation of command and syntax of the program into machine language – 1’s and 0’s that the computer processor and memory can understand. The results of the translation into machine code are the object modules; Library used to archive and manage code etc Verification Phase – testing of program modules and overall testing for use/test under various conditions ( 1) nominal, 2) suboptimal conditions, and then 3) stress testing conditions, etc). Delivery Phase - Storage and Retrieval/ Release & Distribution DOUCUMENTATION INVOLVED IN ALL PHASES
  • 16.Typical Usage or License for Software End User License is what is typically signed or acknowledged Signed when you download and install new software License can vary (site, computer device, transferable, etc) Users of the software agree to use in the prescribed manner in the User License Agreement (legal agreement or contract ) or face legal or other remedies in court or by mediation, etc. “All Rights Reserved © 2013” is the standard copyright marking. No need to file for copyright protection. Laws changed to alllow orginator to make data and use symbol with year to establish protection and rights. Software is copyright protected by US laws and normally by treaty with the governments of other countries. In addition the software can be patented as well. Remember to give credit to sources and references for your materials
  • 17.Markings Data Rights and Markings/ Privacy and Security
  • 18.Personal Privacy and Data Security Data Rights and Markings/ Privacy and Security
  • 19. END