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  • 1.What is Full Stack Development? Phone: +91 8464025086 | Web: www.elearninfotech.com
  • 2.1 Introduction Full Stack Development refers to the development of both front-end and back-end portions of a web application. A Full Stack Developer is proficient in working with databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients. Phone: +91 8464025086 | Web: www.elearninfotech.com
  • 3.2 Front-end Development Front-end Development involves the creation of the user interface of a web application. Full Stack Developers use HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript to build the front-end portion of a web application. They ensure that the web application is responsive and accessible on different devices and browsers. Phone: +91 8464025086 | Web: www.elearninfotech.com
  • 4.3 Back-end Development Back-end Development involves building the server-side of a web application and managing databases. Full Stack Developers use programming languages such as Python, Java, PHP to build the back-end portion of a web application. They ensure that the server-side of the web application is secure and scalable. Phone: +91 8464025086 | Web: www.elearninfotech.com
  • 5.4 Databases Databases are used to store and manage data for web applications. Full Stack Developers use databases such as MySQL, MongoDB to manage data. They ensure that the data is secure and optimized for quick retrieval. Phone: +91 8464025086 | Web: www.elearninfotech.com
  • 6.5 API APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are used to connect different parts of a web application. Full Stack Developers use APIs to communicate between the front-end and back-end portions of a web application. They ensure that the APIs are secure and efficient. Phone: +91 8464025086 | Web: www.elearninfotech.com
  • 7.8 Frameworks Frameworks are used to speed up the development process and ensure consistency in coding. Full Stack Developers use frameworks such as Django, React JS, Node to build web applications. They ensure that the frameworks are up-to-date and secure. Phone: +91 8464025086 | Web: www.elearninfotech.com
  • 8.9 Continuous Learning Full Stack Development is constantly evolving, and Full Stack Developers need to keep up with the latest technologies and trends. Full Stack Developers attend conferences, read blogs, and take online courses to stay up-to-date. They ensure that their skills are relevant and they can provide the best solutions to their clients. Phone: +91 8464025086 | Web: www.elearninfotech.com
  • 9.10 Conclusion Full Stack Development is a complex process that involves different technologies and skills. Full Stack Developers are proficient in both front-end and back-end development, databases, APIs and frameworks. Full Stack Developers ensure that web applications are secure, scalable, and meet the requirements of the client. Phone: +91 8464025086 | Web: www.elearninfotech.com
  • 10.10 Contact for Full Stack Courses in Hyderabad MERN Full Stack Development Python Full Stack Development Java Full Stack Development ELEARN INFOTECH Phone: +91 8464025086 Visit: https://www.elearninfotech.com/fullstack-developer-training-madhapur.html Phone: +91 8464025086 | Web: www.elearninfotech.com