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  • 1.Tips to get noticed on Instagram - IH Business College
  • 2.About Us IHBC delivers Vocational and Education Training VET courses to prepare future professionals for a fast moving world. We are committed to providing quality training and internationally recognised qualifications, which gives our graduates a true advantage when seeking employment opportunities worldwide.
  • 3.IH Business College Instagram is often considered the most effective social media channel for marketing and brand reach, particularly its clean interface and highly engaged user base. Learn more about ih Business College Blog.
  • 4.Tips to get noticed on Instagram The foundation of a strong Instagram strategy consists of two key components: Reach and relevance. To increase both, you’ll want to create content that stands out, consistently communicates your brand, and tells a compelling story.
  • To focus on reach, you’ll first need to watch and analyze this metric. Increasing space puts your brand in front of more people—allowing you to gain exposure, build an audience, or introduce more users to new products or services. However, reach is only impactful when it creates awareness or connection for the right people—your target market. Otherwise, you might as well stand on the corner with a sandwich board and hope for the best.
  • This is where relevance becomes so important—you want your Instagram content (and the rest of your content, for that matter) to speak directly to consumers. There are many ways to do this and remain true to your brand identity, from creating valuable industry resources to shining the spotlight on other makers and businesses. You might also consider working with influencers, as of all the most-used social media channels, creators carry significant influence on Instagram. This doesn’t just include the mega-influencers with millions of followers, but even micro-influencers, who typically have between 10K-50K followers within a niche interest.
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