Lipo Laser Machines Wavelength


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  • 1.Lipo Laser Machines Wavelength
  • 2.When comparing Lipo Laser Machines, you need to know their wavelength. Some models use longer wavelengths than others, but the most popular ones are those that reach up to 975 nm. Read on to learn more about these important differences. Also read about the benefits and drawbacks of each wavelength. If you're interested in getting a treatment, it's important to know which machine is right for you.
  • 3.980 nm The 650 nm and 980 nm lipo laser machines both utilize the same wavelength, but they are a little different from one another. 650 nm is a wavelength for the skin, and the 980 nm is used to burn fat deep within the adipose tissue. These two wavelengths work together to target fat cells and enhance their metabolism. The combined effects of the 650 nm and 980 nm wavelengths allows the laser to reach deeper into the adipose layer and accelerate fat metabolism. Both wavelengths penetrate the fat tissues deep within the skin, burning out stubborn cellulite and accelerating lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, and metabolism. The 650 nm and 980 nm wavelengths have their own properties, so they can work independently of each other to produce a dramatic difference in the appearance of cellulite and fat deposits. And because they have varying energy outputs, each one has different properties, so choose a machine that works for the type of body fat you are trying to target.
  • 4.924 nm The use of dual lipo laser machines wavelengths, 924 nm, and 950 nm, allows for greater effectiveness and more comfortable treatment. While the 924 nm wavelength breaks down fat, the 950-nm wavelength starts the production of new collagen and skin tightening. These two wavelengths are most effective for treating fat deposits and can completely replace surgical procedures. But what exactly is a 924 nm lipo laser machine? One of the advantages of SmartLipo and SlimLipo is their combination of 1064 and 1320 nm wavelengths. This enables them to better target fat deposits and tighten the skin while minimizing side effects such as excessive skin tightening. They are also equipped with a ThermaGuide to continuously monitor skin temperature and adjust the energy output to ensure the optimal temperature and safety of the treatment area.
  • 5.635 nm When considering which type of lipo laser machine to purchase, the wavelength you're looking for is important. While most machines are capable of emitting 635 nm wavelength, you may also be wondering what kind of longer wavelengths are available. The answer depends on your needs and the type of treatment you're planning to undergo. If you're looking for deeper penetration, consider a longer wavelength machine, like the Smart Lipo. A clinical study conducted on twelve subjects found that the light at 635nm accelerated fat-cell release without generating any discomfort or heat. In fact, in less than six minutes, 99% of the cell's contents were released. Specifically, the light caused photo-biostimulation in the mitochondria. This caused a chemical reaction within the cell and opened transient pores that let the fat escape.
  • 6.975 nm The benefits of a 975-nm lipo laser machine are numerous. Its wavelength causes the fat in the treated area to be liquefied and the skin is firmer. In addition, it starts the production of new collagen and stimulates the fibrous connective fibers. Because of these effects, this method has been proven to completely replace surgical procedures. However, not all lasers use the same wavelength, so it is important to choose the correct machine for your needs. Some manufacturers of lipo lasers aim to use a lower wavelength and increase the number of diodes per paddle. While this increases the amount of energy used, some researchers claim that a higher number of diodes is better for faster and more efficient fat-melting results. Third-generation lipo laser machinery is aiming to achieve this. In fact, one brand uses many diodes for therapy.