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  • 1.Opt the Best Coaching for Essay for UPSC Essays for UPSC an integral part of the Mains examination. Many times, aspirants lose their desired field of service because of a low score fetched in some essay for UPSC. Subsequently, they end up losing their desired service. So, it is important to work on one’s essay writing for UPSC in order to fetch handsome marks. If you are struggling with your essay for UPSC, one can get themselves enrolled in Eden IAS's essay writing course. It is an 8 week-long course and is taught by Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary, the jewel of Eden IAS coaching institute. Why opt for Essay Writing course by Eden IAS: Eden IAS has designed this course to provide aspirants with a thorough practice of writing effective essays that fulfil the word limit, are effective and leave an indelible impact on the examiner. This course: Has a great syllabus coverage strategy: This course lets you cover major essay topics effectively. These include social, economic, philosophical and geopolitical topics amongst others. Students are made to write answers in class in the form of notes. Duration and schedule: In mere 8 weeks, Eden IAS makes you cover about 95% of what the paper demands. About six classes are held each of 3 hours. The institute works as per a fixed schedule. No amendments are made once the course begins. This year, the batch is starting from the 2nd of July. Is taught by wonderful mentors: A guru can teach you the unknown, a guru can make you realize your true potential. At Eden IAS, you get the best mentors who are bestowed with exceptional interpersonal skills and have a jovial nature. By being strict throughout the lectures, you can expect them to crack a joke or two and to give you pep talks as a friend whenever required. Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhury is the one who covers Ethics majorly. His lectures are loved the most by students.
  • 2.Is very economical: Unlike other coaching institutes, the fees of this course is very economical. Hence, if one doesn't want to invest much monetarily and needs to enjoy the benefits of a course on essay writing for UPSC, then this is the course for you. Makes you undergo umpteen practice sessions: Under this course, you get to practice so many essays. Before testing you, they make sure that you are ready. Sectional tests: Every now or then, Eden makes you take a mock test making you push your own score. About five sectional tests are held in between which motivate you to study hard and perform well. Before ending the course, Roy sir takes two comprehensive and USPC-style mock tests for this paper. While sitting in the examination hall, students can feel blood gushing into their arteries and veins i.e. they can feel the exam pressure and try their level best to beat it to the ground and ace with grace. So, this course is perfect for strengthening your essay writing for UPSC. The new batch starts from the 2nd. What are you waiting for? Call Eden IAS and book a demo.