How To Make Your Family’s Bar Bat Mitzvah Event A Memorable One


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  • 1.How To Make Your Family’s Bar Bat Mitzvah Event A Memorable One
  • 2.When a Jewish boy reaches the age of B’nai Mitzvah, the family announces to the world that he has become a full-fledged adult member of the community to assume all the connected responsibilities. The event commemorating this milestone is known as Bar Mitzvah. A similar event in case of girls is known as Bat Mitzvah. In majority cases, a Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzvah event includes a celebratory meal in which the family, friends, and community members come together. Whether you wish to plan this event in a simple or grand way, here are the basic tips to make this event a memorable one. Take care of the child’s interests Naturally, your child might have some special interests in music, sports, fashion, movies cartoons or video games. Incorporate the element into the event. Right from the reception area, you can think of adding activities related to those interests. Some ideas could be a dance floor for kids, arcade games basketball hoops, or soccer balls for the guests. If the child likes dancing, you may hire an MC to make the event a vibrant one.
  • 3.Arrange special food stations In addition to the standard catering spreads, you may set up specialty food stations depending on your child’s food preferences. Some nice ideas in these lines can include food trucks with pizza or sliders or candy stations. According to the Jewish tradition, you may also think of serving kosher food during the ceremony with some carefully chosen Jewish delicacies. For guests who do not adhere to the Jewish dietary laws, non-kosher options can also be provided.
  • 4.Capture the best moments It is important that you capture the best moments of your child’s special day. While hiring a videographer or photographer, choose someone who is experienced with Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah ceremonies. It is very important that the memories of the day are cherished forever in the form of expertly shot images and videos. As guests may take delight in taking photos together and posing with some funny props, setting up a photo booth is also a nice idea. It is also advisable to carry your own GoPro so that you can capture some nice videos and pictures from your point of view. To enhance the engagement of the guests with the event, you can motivate them to take selfies. Tagging each other on social media can help spread the great memories of the event.
  • 5.Organize fun games Fun games are an interesting way to get people celebrate the moments and have a lot of fun. Set up game stations with items like balloon dart or ring toss. Ensure to give away small prizes for the guests who win. Some popular games include contests related to Jewish culture and history and icebreaker questions. Scavenger hunts and quiz games can add more thrill to the event. Mini-dance battles, and karaoke can also be some highly enjoyable activities for guests of all ages. So, incorporating the nice aspects of your child’s personality and interests into the details of the celebration is a great way to make the event highly memorable.
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